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2011-09-03Notes On Lapis, The Semi-Precious Stone
2010-09-08The Current Islam Vs. Christianity Religious War - Reincarnation Theory Brings Understanding Of Its Origins
2010-05-15Partial Verification Of A 1936 Edgar Cayce Psychic Reading About A Huge Volcanic Eruption And Follow-On Earthquakes
2010-01-26Who Will Verify The Story Of Bill Desmond's Treasure Theft In Virginia In 1839?
2010-01-15More ''Rocks Of Atlantis'' Are Confirmed Widely Over The North Atlantic Ocean Floor
2009-12-26Wrong Paw and the Wrong Place
2009-10-08Accumulating, Storing, And Using Wealth In Gold
2009-09-10A Note On The Provenance of the Bimini Marble "Pillar Pieces"
2009-03-24How A New Global Earth Changes Cycle Could Develop
2009-03-13Geological Evidence For An Ancient "Atlantean" Land Surface At Bimini, Bahamas
2008-04-28Coming World Changes - A Bonus Subscriber e-Book
2008-02-28Phylos Speaks - On The Demise Of The Last Island Of Atlantis
2008-02-23Time, Fourth-Dimensional Reality, And The Return Of The Land Of Atlantis
2008-01-06Ancient Pole Shifts - Paleomagnetic Evidence That May Support Two Cayce Readings On Former Pole Shifts
2007-11-27The Firestone Emblem - An article by Norman Scherer
2007-07-26Rocks of Atlantis May Have Been Found Beneath Bimini, Bahamas
2007-05-29Obelisks Of Ancient Egypt, Land Of The Sun Worshipers
2007-01-12Will Earth Changes Destroy Storage Sites For America's Nuclear Bombs And Bomb-Production Wastes?
2006-10-09Man's March Toward A Broadened Middle East War
2006-08-17Egypt At The Time Of Ra Ta - 10,500 B.C. - By Ann Clapp
2006-06-06Confirmation Of Subsurface Sulfur Waters At North Bimini, Bahamas, As Predicted In Edgar Cayce Reading 996-12
2006-01-19How Anomalous is the Current Polar Motion?
2005-10-26Pole-Shift Precusors To Watch For Now
2005-10-03Preparing For A Bird Flu Pandemic
2005-07-24Are “Many Various Minerals” Present At Shallow Depth Beneath Bimini? - Testing The Validity Of Edgar Cayce Reading 996-12 - PART 1
2005-07-24Are “Many Various Minerals” Present At Shallow Depth Beneath Bimini? - Testing The Validity Of Edgar Cayce Reading 996-12 - PART 2
2005-04-02Garabandal Visions Will Soon Be Tested - Following The Death Of Pope John Paul II
2005-02-12A Solar-Radiation Powered Gravity-Field Generator - The Atlantean Tuaoi Stone Revisited By J. F. Sutton
2005-01-06The Catastrophic Sumatra Earthquake Was A Post-1998, Cayce-Readings' Type, “Earth Change”
2004-11-02China In 1943-1968, China Today, And China In The Future
2004-08-09Fly To The Moon
2004-03-08Will Mt. Vesuvius Erupt Soon?
2003-12-30Which Portions Of Ohio, Indiana, And Illinois Will Be Safety Lands?
2003-09-30The Causes Of Earthquakes
2003-08-28Visionary Predictions That Point To An Imminent, Age-Ending Fire - A Fire That Will Consume Humanity's Unfaithful
2003-06-19Understanding The Origins And Consequences Of The World's Looming Financial And Economic Crises
2003-05-30Additional Evidence For The Atlantis Of The Edgar Cayce Readings
2003-05-12The Land Of Latinia
2003-05-06Evidence Of Atlantis - an article by Norman Scherer
2003-04-01Signs Of The Predicted Pole Shift And Earth Changes
2003-03-01Revisiting Earth's Magnetic Pole Positions
2003-02-25Awakening To The Truths Of The New Cycle
2002-12-31Tales From The December 2002 Meeting Of The American Geophysical Union (AGU)
2002-12-08America's Uncertain Food Security, And How One Can Prepare For A Diminished Food Supply
2002-11-11The Message Of The Alaskan Earthquake And Ecuador's Volcanoes
2002-10-08The Sources And Veracity Of Edgar Cayce's Readings - Part 2
2002-09-23The Sources And Veracity Of Edgar Cayce's Readings - Part 1
2002-09-01Nuclear Materials, Terrorism, And Changes In The Earth's Surface In North America
2002-08-20Keep The Constitution!
2002-08-13Possible Pole-Shift Precursor Found!
2002-06-14The Upsetting Of America's Monetary Units
2002-05-30Bimini Revisited
2002-05-10Evidence Of Lemuria, Or Mu
2002-05-03Solar Heats, Droughts And Plagues, And The Transition From The Piscean To The Aquarian Cycle - Including Thoughts On What To Do About Ourselves
2002-03-24Sea-Level Change In The Vicinity Of A.R.E. Headquarters - Now Until 2025
2002-03-07New Hypothesis Provides A Basis For The Reality Of The Legendary Continents Of Atlantis And Lemuria
2002-02-24Reflections (Part 2) Is There An Answer To World Conditions Today?
2002-01-21Did The Poles Begin To Shift In 2000 To 2001 A.D.?
2001-11-27Mrs. Whitsell's 1936 Christmas, And 1941 Earth-change Readings
2001-11-25Are The Readings' "Monstrosities" Of Atlantean Days Represented By The Prehistoric "Composite" Beings Of Ancient Bone Carvings And Rock Art?
2001-11-12One-year Anniversary Of The Equatorial South Pacific\'s Paroxysm Of Intense Seismicity
2001-10-29Locations Of The Records Of The Atlantean Civilization And Its Firestone - Including Speculations On Where Or How They Will Be Found
2001-09-15Calibrating The Hutton Commentaries' Pole-shift Model With Reading Predictions For Japan, Egypt, And Yucatan
2001-08-30Plutonium And The Possible Fate Of The Southern Portions Of South Carolina And Georgia
2001-07-27A Small Pole Shift Can Produce Most, If Not All, Of The Earth Changes Predicted In Cayce's Readings
2001-05-30Lust, Pornography, Los Angeles Faults, And...oh Yes...Earth Changes.
2001-05-19The Approaching Religious War And Its Potentially Sudden Termination
2001-05-17Did A Reading Foretell That Atlantis Would Be Found Near Cuba?
2001-05-05The Readings on "UFOs" And Extra-Terrestrials
2001-05-02Earthquake & Volcano Potpourri
2001-04-23Reflections (Part I): Earth Changes And Compliance With Divine Law
2001-03-30The Readings' Anti-Gravity And Ocean-Floor-Gold Predictions Seem Confirmed
2001-03-28Will Pole Shift And Solar Heats End The Present Cycle?
2001-03-20"In Line of Those Areas To Rise..." (Effects of the East Coast Fault Zone)
2001-02-20Understanding And Monitoring Polar Motion
2001-02-01Scientists, In Their Own Words...
2001-01-29A Volcano Link To Bimini's Gold And Spar?
2001-01-06Will The Earth Changes Of Cayce's Readings Be Gradual Or Catastrophic?
2001-01-01Tres Amigos - Indicator Volcanoes For Coming Earth Changes
2000-12-05Tokyo And Tokai At The Brink
2000-11-27Gravity of Inner-Earth Upheavals
2000-11-10Precursors Of The Pole Shift And Earth Changes Of 2000 -- 2001
2000-11-10Could Giant Waves Hit Atlantic Shores?
2000-10-27Past Quakes Raise Future Concerns