Archived Articles

This section houses most of the original articles that were posted on the Hutton Commentaries website while it was active. Some of the articles, which were written as a critique of an individual's or a group's work, have been pulled as this site is not in a position to defend or debate the issues that were presented.

The menu to the left displays articles in chronological order by one of three categories: those discussing geophysical changes to the planet, those discussing THC's theories and findings regarding a rotational axis shift of the planet, those exploring other Cayce readings topics such as Atlantis, Lemuria, global pandemics, or economic disruptions. The last menu option presents a listing of articles from all of the categories.

Please be aware that the new design of the site is causing the formatting in some of the articles to suffer more than others. There will be noticed missing images, improper font sizes and faces, and a scattering of indecipherable characters. These will be corrected as time progresses, but the volunteer webmaster and chief bottle washer can only work as free time allows.