About The Hutton Commentaries

Wyman Harrison

William Hutton - the editor and main author of The Hutton Commentaries, is actually the pen name of a professional geologist by the name of Philip Wyman Harrison, born in 1931. Wyman has taught at three universities, written scores of research papers, and worked as a director of geoscience research programs funded by the United States government.

Dr. Harrison took the pen name of William Hutton in 1960 to avoid conflicts with his ongoing scientific writings, publications, and his academic and professional research. His research into the Edgar Cayce psychic readings on the geophysics covers such subjects as pole shift, Atlantis, and Earth changes. Wyman's professional bibliography and work history are available for viewing on this site.

Readers can find links to most of the original articles that William Hutton (Wyman Harrison) wrote, along with those written by Jonathan Eagle and various other subscribers of the Hutton Commentaries, from the Home page. All articles are currently available without charge to interested parties. Write to either author if you experience any difficulty connecting with any of the free publications listed.

Jonathan Eagle

Jonathan Eagle - the webmaster for Hutton Commentaries, became interested in the Edgar Cayce readings in 1970 and came to Virginia Beach a year later to verify the stories about "America's most documented psychic". He spent many years researching the Edgar Cayce readings, and several of the devices whose design came through the readings. Among his many areas of interest in the Cayce readings was the fascination with the readings on Earth changes. He read all the books by the various authors on Earth changes, including those by William Hutton, but it wasn't until 1999 that the two met after a chance encounter. As they say, "The rest was history".