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The Sources And Veracity
Of Edgar Cayce's Readings


What The Readings Themselves Say About The Various Psychic Sources Accessed By Cayce, And What They Say About The Requirements For Obtaining True Information From Those Many Sources


For whatever reasons - and there are a few - most people familiar with the Cayce readings eventually slip into the habit of saying, or writing, “Cayce said.... [this or that-you fill in the blanks]....” This habit of subtle self-deception dramatizes the essential fact that one seldom thinks about the source of a given Cayce reading. Certainly, Cayce's voice uttered each reading. But upon his awakening from a reading, a conscious Cayce never knew anything about the source, or sources, that he had contacted psychically while giving the reading.

Succumbing to the “Cayce-said” habit may reflect mental laziness or a lack of sufficient will power to try to determine the origin of a psychic reading. The habit certainly reflects a lowering of sensitivity with respect to the possible sources of the readings. It can be overcome by an attitude of mind that says, “I wonder just where Cayce got the information for that particular reading.”

“Well,” you say, “what's the difference? Everyone knows what I'm talking about when I say, ...Cayce said'! If one wants to know more, he can just research a given reading on his own.” But a sort of mechanical type of communication that begins with the words “Cayce said” is counterproductive to the search for the truth behind the readings.

Research is not currently the long suit of one of Cayce's main legacies, the Association For Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), Inc. In all too many instances, present-day research on the readings - their sources, their veracity, and their predictive capabilities - is trumped by A.R.E. members and staff who are centered on enlightenment first, and research a far distant second.

Thus, much of the present day A.R.E.'s enlightenment/entertainment industry is based upon an unspoken assumption that every reading has come to the world unaltered from either an individual's subconscious mind, or from the Akashic records. As an example, consider the handout found in a wall-mounted box just outside the entrance to the A.R.E. Library. It is entitled, “How To Use The Readings.” Under the subheading, “Source Of The Readings,” one finds:

The source of the physical readings was an example of mental telepathy. The superconscious mind of Edgar Cayce “read” the subconscious mind of the individual, which is why it was necessary for the person to be open to receiving help. Often individuals were advised to be in meditation or prayer in order to receive the best results. All other categories, including the life and mental spiritual readings, came from the Akashic Records, [Hutton emphasis added] which the readings described as being energy records “written upon the skein of space and time”


The emphasized passage in the above quote is simply wrong. This will be shown through many quotes from various readings that deal with Cayce's psychic sources.

My study of the validity of Cayce's readings has been undertaken because to deceive ourselves or others about Cayce's readings would be a sin. [To sin means here “to miss the mark,” where the mark is to live a life of learning and truth seeking, and to implement the truth revealed to oneself under the governance of one's highest perception of goodness.]

Part 1 of this analysis deals with the readings' many sources, and with the factors said to have “shaded” the truth of the information that came through Cayce. Roughly eleven psychic sources are identified. Also identified are some ten criteria that can be used to rank the validity of Cayce's readings.

In Part 2, I will endeavor to assess the veracity of a few of Cayce's readings on pole shift and Earth changes. This will be done subjectively, but by relying all the while on evaluative factors developed in the research I've done for Part 1. These factors have probably affected - to greater or lesser degree -- the truthfulness and reliability of an unknown, but possibly large number of Cayce's readings.

Part 2, then, deals with the veracity of a small set of Cayce's predictive readings. Several readings in which events were described to occur at specific dates in the future will be examined. Attention will be directed both to the sources of these readings and to any factors that may have affected the transmission of true information from those sources.

Exploring Two Early Readings On Cayce's Psychic Sources

An early Cayce reading on psychic sources.

It seems that the best place to start our exploration of sources is with reading 3744-3, given 76 years ago near the beginning of the Cayce saga.

11. Q) From what source does this body EC [Edgar Cayce] derive its information?

A) The information as given or obtained from this body is gathered from the sources from which the suggestion may derive its information.

In this state the conscious mind becomes subjugated to the subconscious, superconscious or soul mind; and may and does communicate with like minds, and the subconscious or soul force becomes universal. From any subconscious mind information may be obtained, either from this plane or from the impressions as left by the individuals that have gone on before, as we see a mirror reflecting direct that which is before it. It is not the object itself, but that reflected, as in this: The suggestion that reaches through to the subconscious or soul, in this state, gathers information from that as reflected from what has been or is called real or material, whether of the material body or of the physical forces, and just as the mirror may be waved or bended to reflect in an obtuse manner, so that suggestion to the soul forces may bend the reflection of that given; yet within, the image itself is what is reflected and not that of some other.

Through the forces of the soul, through the mind of others as presented, or that have gone on before; through the subjugation of the physical forces in this manner, the body obtains the information.

12. Q) In obtaining this information by suggestion, does this body gain this information from the director [later called the conductor of the reading] or from the body directed to?

A) From the subconscious forces, which become universal by the natural laws governing RELATIVITY OF ALL FORCE: whether spirit, soul or physical, and the information is obtained through that connection between subconscious soul or spirit forces as directed, and directed to. Suggestion being that manner in which the direction is given. Hence, how the reflections, either direct or wavered, are obtained, just as the subconscious force of the director is held in that direction the information is obtained and in the manner that it, the director's subconscious wavers, the reflections become in the same manner wavered.

13. Q) In giving diagnosis of the physical body, how are internal conditions reflected?

A) By relativity of force.

14. Q) What is the state of the physical forces of this body while giving this work?

A) They, the physical, are under subjugation of the subconscious or soul forces. As we see in the body we have the trinity for an entity. We have as this: the physical forces and mental mind; we have the spirit or soul force with the superconscious or soul mind; then we have the spirit that is the mind of the soul force, just as the soul occupies the body in its same form and manner. Just as the body of an individual that has passed beyond may be seen by others in the physical plane only when their physical or mental, material or mental are subjugated like this body here we are speaking of, Edgar Cayce, the physical is subjugated or laid aside, we find the soul forces give the information, and the body is under the subjugation of the soul and spirit forces.

15. Q) What is the soul of a body?

A) That which the Maker gave to every entity or individual in the beginning, and which is seeking the home or place of the Maker.

16. Q) Does the soul ever die?

A) May be banished from the Maker, not death.

17. Q) What is the subconscious mind of the body?

A) An attribute of the soul or mind of the soul.

18. Q) What is the difference in suggestion to the subconscious mind and the conscious mind?

A) Suggestion to the conscious mind only brings to the mental plane those forces that are of the same character and the conscious is the suggestion in action. In that of suggestion to the subconscious mind, it gives its reflection or reaction from the universal forces or mind or superconscious forces. But the suggestion just as given may be wavered by the forces that are brought to bear on the subconscious to reach the conscious mind, just as we have in a purely mechanical form. [See 900-59 immediately below, paragraph 3-A] Any object, or wood especially, projected into water, appears bent; just so with the reflection from suggestions to the subconscious to reach the conscious or mental forces appear bent in their action, or in the manifestation of their action, to the physical or conscious forces of individuals.

19. Q) Just what is meant by force and forces?

A) Depending upon the conditions under which incentive or that which is being acted upon and that which is acting.

As we have in the body of a living physical being, we have a body made up of many atoms, and their relations to each other depends upon the force as is given in each part to work upon, or in or through the system.

In the nerve system we find that of the force of physical matter or subconscious or soul matter, or superconscious or spirit matter, all receiving a force, as illustrated, we would have it here; when any object or injury comes to a portion of the body, then the nerves transmit that to the physical or conscious brain to be removed; the forces of all of the elements or, that is, of the parts of the body are brought into play. That which carries, that which replenishes, that which comes, such force or forces, as may be. Or as we would have in the one word to express all force; that which is the spirit of any object, [See 900-59 below, paragraph 4-A] whether animate or inanimate, physical or material, that of the Divine which carries all force. We only have to take into consideration the relativity of the condition, position, time and place as to which or what element of force is implied in giving the elements of force from the subconscious force to the conscious force. In this also we may see how the correct reflections may appear bent.

20. Q) Is it possible for this body, Edgar Cayce, in this state, to communicate with anyone who has passed into the spirit world?

A) The spirit of all that have passed from the physical plane remain about the plane until their development carry them onward or are returned for their development here, when they are in the plane of communication or remain within this sphere, any may be communicated with. There are thousands about us here at present.

21. Q) If the subconscious is giving this information when in this state, how are we to know on the physical plane from whence and from which condition it gives this information?

A) Just as we know as to the force implied from whatever element the force is given, we must know from that force the information is obtained, deflected only by the expression of the individual who obtains the information. By the results obtained in the end. Just as we have in the diagnosis is for the betterment or advancement of the individual, just as the subconscious that communicates to the physical, for with the physical submerged, a universal condition. It may be obtained from all or in part, just as needs for the individual. None is gained from one individual, but as there are good personages, there are good individuals, not necessarily within the same manifested body - just so in spirit force there are good and there are bad personages still reflected. As those give rise to the expression and all give expression, of experience of themselves of the entity through which the information is obtained, gives that deflection as we may find with the surroundings of those not good, we will find the results in the same. Results in diagnosis give of the forces, whether the spirit forces are good or material forces are good. Then judge. Judge as the seed of truth is ever the same, and its productions are ever by the same, though some may fall in fallow land or some may fall in stony land.

22. Q) What is meant by banishment of a soul from its Maker?

A) Of the will as given in the beginning to choose for self as in the earthly plane, all insufficient matter is cast unto Saturn. To work out his own salvation as would be termed in the word, the entity or individual banishes itself, or its soul, which is its entity.

23. Q) What is meant by the re-entering of the personality as in the beginning?

A) The personality is that as known on the physical plane in the subconscious or when the subconscious controls, the personality is removed from the individual, and only that other forces in the trinity occupying the body and using only its elements to communicate as in this body here, we have spoken of. With the submerging of the conscious to the subconscious, the personality of the body or earthly portions are removed and lie above the other body. They may be seen here. Hence the disturbing of those conditions bring distress to the other portions of the entity or individual.

With the return then we find the personality leaves those impressions with those portions of the body, as we have given for the arm force here, you see.

24. Q) To what place or state does the subconscious pass to receive this information it gives?

A) Just here in the same sphere as when the spirit or soul or spirit and soul are driven or removed from the body or persons.

25. Q) What is meant by ailment of the soul, mental and spiritual forces on which this work may border?

A) Mental is of the physical which with its relative forces connecting the soul force and unbalancing of the truth may perform on the soul forces that which brings abnormal results to physical and soul matter. [See 900-59 below, paragraph 5-A.] The correction of these only means that it, the work, assists the individual or the entity to find itself and to follow in that way that would lead that individual to its own better self.

Each individual must lead his own life, whether in this sphere or in the other planes. The environment makes or performs the variations in whatever it may enter, else we would have no redemption in the blood.

26. Q) Does the environment have any bearing on the results obtained when the body is in this state?

A) Environment bends the weakest and the strongest. Not in the same means, but we have given the environment carried on to the re-entering of the entity.

27. Q) Is memory thought, or thought memory?

A) With the evolving of the individual, the thought becomes a part of the memory as evolved through the developing of the entity. In memory, we may have either plane, in physical or mental speaking - they are separate.

In that of spirit and soul forces, thought and memory depending then upon the plane from which the question is approached. Physically, memory and thought are not synonymous, neither are they of the same beginning in physical forces. In that of the soul and spirit force, they become one and the same in evolution. [See 900-233, paragraph 8-A.]

28. Q) In the physical plane, do the thoughts of another person affect a person either mentally or physically?

A) Depending upon the development of the individual to whom the thought may be directed. The possibilities of the developing of thought transference is first being shown, evolution, you see. The individuals of this plane will and are developing this as the senses were and are developed.

3744-3; 10/09/1923

Here is the second of Cayce's early readings on psychic sources.

It amplifies portions of the previous reading, as follows:

3. Q) Explain: "By the suggestion the subconscious may be wavered by the forces that are brought to bear on the subconscious to reach conscious mind, just as we have in a purely mechanical form."

A) In the wavering of forces as applied from the subconscious to the conscious mind, first we must take into consideration that conscious mind is of the material world a part. The subconscious mind may only be fully understood when viewed from the spiritual viewpoint or aspect. The conscious mind rarely gains the entrance to truth in the subconscious, save in rest, sleep, or when such consciousnesses are subjugated through the act of the individual, as in the case of Edgar Cayce, through which the subject matter was given. The illustration as given of mechanical way, that is as appearance of stick in water appears bent. When the consciousness views subconscious forces they appear wavered or bended, when viewed from wholly a material viewpoint, whether from the dream in sleep, or viewed by a conscious mind or material mind of truth from trance or from the subconscious condition. Hence in the sleep we may have the superseding appearance of the consciousness and thus waver the appearance of truth obtained, or we may have the suggestion as is given to a mind directing the truth to be obtained from subconscious forces bended in such a manner as to give the wavered aspect to the truth as given. In such a manner, or in one of such manners, then do we see the wavering often (not always) of truths obtained by a consciousness from the subconscious forces. Just as illustrated in the mechanical manner as given in subject matter.

4. Q) It was first given, Soul and Spirit are "forces". Then in illustrating force as given [3744-3 above, Paragraph 19-A], "That which is the Spirit of any object, animate or inanimate." Explain "Spirit of an object."

A) Spirit in an animate object, that giving same life, whether of that with the attributes of the one, two, three or fourth dimension of same. Spirit in an inanimate object being then that relation as given to same by the mental intelligence of the individual, or person, or thing, giving it a spirit force. As this would be illustrated: To the animal who becomes accustomed to being hitched to a certain post, that post has the spirit for the animal by the mental abilities of the animal's association with same. To man, the stone occupying the place in altar may be of same quarry, of the same strata, of the one occupying the step to the building. The position of one in altar occupying the spirit of reverence. The one on step occupying the position as of one to reach same. Hence the degrees of the relation as is carried in the inanimate conditions. When this relation then is considered, we see how the evolution, or revelation of same comes to the spirit of the herb, of the fly, of the beast, of the companion. Hence how each occupy their position, or as has been better illustrated in the words as were given, "All flesh is not of one flesh. There are the flesh of animal, of bird, of fishes, of men. There are bodies celestial, bodies terrestrial. The glory of one differs in the glory of another, but because one occupies the exalted position would one do away with that of the uncomely parts? for that which is the uncomely becomes the more comely in its action and self when directed in its proper channel and sphere." Hence we find all occupying then the spirit of that acquired by its position, its relation to other conditions, whether of the animate or inanimate condition and position.

5. Q) What is meant by: "Mental and Physical with relative forces connecting the soul force and unbalancing of the truth may perform on the soul forces that which brings abnormal results to physical and soul matter"? [3744-3, paragraph 25-A, above]

A) Just as has been given in how truth is obtained in the normal or consciousness, may be perverted by the outlook of the individual obtaining same, or as the spirit may view the truth as obtained from a source questionable to the relation of the individual to such conditions. That is, as this: One brought up in the condition of religious liberty does not comprehend a lesson as obtained from one of a faith that would bind the body and the moral and mental forces of an individual, the same as one would understand such lesson brought up in that faith, or as would be seen in this: All religious faiths have their element of truth. Would be hard for the Christian faith to understand the lesson of the Mohammedan faith, and each may gain the lesson to its own destruction, for the relation of each truth bears its relativity of force to the developing of the entity. Then we return to the same premise. What may be viewed by the entity in that plane of the two square, or two fold, or two quantity life, cannot understand the vision of one having reached the threefold or three quantity life.

900-59; 04/13/1925

Commentary on the above readings:

These marvelous readings remind us that the universe is response. Give a psychic of Cayce's abilities a suggestion and proper guidance, and the sources - wherever they may be in what we call the space-time continuum - will respond with information beneficial to the individual requesting that information.

The soul forces of the psychic give the information accessed while the psychic's body is under the subjugation of the soul and spirit forces. Often, but not always, there is a modification (“wavering”) of the information obtained by forces that may be brought to bear on the psychic's subconscious, or upon the mind of the conductor of a reading, in the process of bringing the information to the psychic's conscious mind.

This suggests one reason why dates of future events in Cayce's readings are sometimes erroneous. I'm thinking especially here of predictions like that in 826-8, which state that a shifting of the poles will occur in 2001-2002. Quoting reading 3744-3 above, “In this we may see how the correct reflection [for the timing of the occurrence of the pole shift] may appear bent” [modified as to date of occurrence]. If you don't think that future events can carry dates that can be wavered, consider this reading in which a past date could not be clearly transmitted:

Q) In relation to the history of Atlantis as presented, at what period did the flood as recorded in the Bible in which Noah took part, occur?

A) In the second of the eruptions or - as is seen - two thousand - two thousand and six before the Prince of Peace, as time is counted now, or light years - day and night years.

364-6; 02/17/1932

As to the sources of information, reading 3744-3 describes the host of those who have passed into the spirit world. Information from these spirit entity sources may be acquired to satisfy the needs of an individual requesting a reading. “None [of the information] is gained from one individual,” but is collected from the “expressions” of both “good and bad personages.” This leads to modifications of various degree (deflections in the reading) in the psychic information obtained. We have a right, or a duty even, to judge these modifications as to their goodness.

In reading 900-59 we have an amplification of certain parts of 3744-3. Once again, we have a discussion of the “wavering of forces as applied from the subconscious to the conscious mind.” We then find a valuable observation, as follows. “The subconscious mind may only be fully understood when viewed from the spiritual viewpoint or aspect.” Thus, true apprehension of Truth can only be accomplished by one viewing psychic information from the spiritual plane.

An example of how such viewing might be done seems to be found in the reading in which Cayce was asked whether or not Phylos's signs of the end of the Age were “based on truth, especially in [the] forecast for the United States.” (Phylos had dictated a book, A Dweller on Two Planets, to an Earth-bound amanuensis [transcriber] from Phylos's position in the Navazzimin realm, or “country of departed souls.”) The answer was:

As viewed by an entity separated from the whole, yes. As truth that may be implied by one that looks only to the Lamb, to the Son as a leader, no. Choose thou.

282-5; 03/02/1933

Paraphrasing of, or quoting from, the two initial readings above, we can infer that when Cayce's consciousness viewed subconscious “forces” they appeared “wavered or bended.” “When viewed by � [his]�conscious mind� from trance or from the subconscious condition” there could have been many a “wavered aspect to the truth as given. In such a manner, or in one of such manners, then do we see the wavering [modification] of truths obtained by consciousness from the subconscious forces”.


Many, but not all, of Cayce's readings may have imperfections to a certain degree, in terms of the truthfulness of the information received by his subconscious and conveyed to his conscious mind. The veracity of a given reading, to us, can only be determined via our conscious minds, as decided “by the results obtained in the end.”

Tentative implication relative to the Earth changes readings:

Except for one or two cases discussed later, the validity of Cayce's predictive readings on pole shift and Earth changes will only be decided by whether or not such events are realized (soon). We may allow for a certain degree of modification as to exact start times for each pole-shift or Earth-change prediction. This implication follows from the readings above that describe the deflections or waverings of truth undergoing transfer from Cayce's subconscious mind to his conscious mind during a reading. The veracity of readings on past Earth changes - like those on the sinking of Atlantis or Lemuria - will likewise only be realized by the discovery of irrefutable evidence of their former existence. Failing that, such readings will forever remain nothing more than psychic dreams.

Additional Readings on Psychic Sources

I will now run through readings for each of the additional psychic sources that I could locate. I've tried to list only the most definitive readings in each class. The name designating each source accessed by Cayce appears in red letters. Some of the names for the various psychic sources may very well be synonymous with others, or possibly overlap them to some degree.

Universal, Cosmic, individual-disincarnate-force, and spirit form (or spirit entity?) sources.

Sometimes, as here below, several different names for sources are given in one reading fragment. It seems to me that the names universal and Cosmic represent sources of psychic information at the same level of universal organization. But this may or may not be true for the individual-disincarnate-force, and spirit-form (or spirit-entity?) sources

Q) When [Edgar Cayce is] giving a reading, do the thoughts come from your [his] subliminal self, from a discarnate entity or entities, or from what source is the information derived?

A) That [is] dependent upon the individual SEEKING the information, and may be by the desire of the individual made to APPEAR or be from either or ANY of the sources; that is, as is seen in this particular instance, or case [311-3], the channel here is a manner or means of the source as of the universal, or of that phase or portion of students IN the universal plane, as it may ALSO be of any COSMIC force, or an individual disincarnate force CAPABLE of ATTUNING to those channels - or that ATTUNEMENT which ALLOWS an intercourse of expressions with the desire of one seeking same - see?

As may be given here, there have been those interests of this individual entity in the study of various forms of OCCULT or MYSTIC influences. An influence of the study of any particular system creates a SPIRIT of that force, partaking of all that would add TO that particular interest - as may be termed the "Spirit of America", that which includes all that is disincarnate or incarnate that is to the upbuilding, to the development OF that force itself in SPIRIT form, and MAY be had by one seeking same, as a whole or any portion thereof. Or, as in the study of those that the body mental itself has studied. Now, there may be obtained such as is the spirit of Buddha, or Buddhism in its CRYSTALLIZED form, or as it touches upon any of the various characterizations that have incarnated into the earth's plane, or any in the Zoroastrian - which the entity or body has made a study of rather close in some form. THESE may be had from individual or from that as a WHOLE itself - see? This is deep, yes -but this IS the FORMATION in which one in THIS position, as THIS body, MAY understand. Few would!

311-3; 03/07/1931

Q) Who is giving this information?

A) As it is an universality of purpose, so from those of the general or universal, or Cosmic Forces, are ministering those that are being given in this present interest.

254-60; 11/22/1931

Q) Whom have I had the privilege of having had help me in obtaining the information which has been given through these sources?

A) These have been rather of the universal; led in their exposition of that given by those in fields of activity akin to that being sought. Not from the lower sources; rather those that have called upon those that were with the beginnings of elements as they took their place in the manifestations of an all-powerful force that acts in a universe.

440-12; 01/10/1934

Q) If Edgar Cayce has ever had controls, does he know who they are?

A) Anyone may speak who may seek, if the entity or the soul's activities will allow same; or if the desire of the individuals seeking so over-commands as to make for a set channel.

Q) Is Edgar Cayce clairvoyant in the hypnotic state?

A) More so in the normal or physical state than in the hypnotic state; though ALL are one when in perfect accord with the universal forces from which the records of all activities may be taken.

Q) What entity is giving this information now?

A) Being directed, as has been indicated, from the records through [archangel] Halaliel.

507-1; 02/03/1934

Q) Are cosmic forces transmitting or having any part in the transmission of this information?

A) Insofar as the desire of those seeking information are connected with the cosmic forces and have knowledge of same, yes. As so far as those of the forces as applied through the material forces of same, no.

4153-1; 05/15/1927

Q) First, the general questions - [1210]: Is the source of this information a group source, an individual source, or a recorded source?

A) As has so oft been given, this is rather of the universal. That which is recorded may be read. That which is written may be interpreted. That which is individual may be had. But it is also a constructive source, so only gives that which is helpful if it will be applied. [Emphasis added by Hutton].

When an individual seeks for personal or bodily aid, it is part and parcel of that individual and is read by and through the real desire of the seeker.

The Life source:

This source may reflect a subtle distinction between a life in the process of making a trace on the skein of time and space (an Akashic record, see immediately below) and the Akashic-records source itself.

When it is the Life source it is recorded upon space and time - and is that which is to be kept against that day; for time and space are as the evolution upon which the forces of the divine make for that change that brings same into the experiences of those souls who seek to become one with the Creative Energies.

Hence ALL may be touched, ALL may be drawn upon. And, as has been given, if it were individualized by a guide, it would become as limited; while if universal it is in the hands of Him that is the Maker, the Giver, the Creator. For hath He not given, "Abide in me, as I in the Father, that I in the Father may be glorified in thee!" Ye that seek self-glory know its hardships. Ye that seek the glory of the Father know its beauties.

254-95; 06/30/37

The Akashic, or Book of Life, or Book of Revelation records; the esoteric records; or simply, “the records.”

Q) In relation to the history of Atlantis as presented, at what period did the flood as recorded in the Bible in which Noah took part, occur?

A) In the second of the eruptions, or - as is seen - two THOUSAND - two-two thousand and six [22,006?] - before the Prince of Peace, as time is counted now, or light years - day and night years. Not light years as the akashicrecords, or as the esoteric records, or as counted by astrology or astronomy, in the speed or the reflection of a ray of light; for, as records are made, the akashic records are as these:

Activity of ANY nature, as of the voice, as of a light made, produced in the natural forces those of a motion - which pass on, or are upon, the record of that as time. As may be illustrated in the atomic vibration as set in motion for those in that called the audition, or the radio in its activity. IT passes even faster than time itself. Hence LIGHT forces pass much faster, but the records are upon the esoteric, or etheric, or akashic forces, as they go along upon the wheels of time, the wings of time, or in WHATEVER dimension we may signify as a matter of its momentum or movement. Hence as the forces that are attuned to those various incidents, periods, times, places, may be accorded to the record, the CONTACT as of the needle upon the record, as to how clear a rendition or audition is received, or how clear or how perfect an attunement of the instrument used as the reproducer of same is attuned to those KEEPERS - as may be termed - OF those records. What would be indicated by the keepers? That as just given, that they are the records upon the wings or the wheel of time itself. Time, as that as of space - as inter-between. That inter-between, that which is, that of which, that from one object to another when in matter is of the same nature, or what that is what the other is, only changed in its vibration to produce that element, or that force, as is termed in man's terminology as DIMENSIONS of space, or DIMENSIONS that give it, whatever may be the solid, liquid, gas, or what ITS FORM or dimension!

364-6; 02/17/1932

In seeking information through these channels, and concerning various phases of development (or retardment) of an entity through experiences in the earth's plane, or that as reflected in the sojourn or experience of an entity in another, well that ALL understand from what source such information comes, HOW it may be varied in the interpretation of that as given, even where there are individuals in the earth's plane who have passed through at least portions of the same experience with OTHER individuals in some particular period.

Thoughts are deeds. Deeds are activities of either the mental, the physical, or the spiritual life of an entity. As these change, or are altered by their contact with entities acting in the same capacity - WORDS (in or of the material) OFTEN become inadequate for a mode or channel of expression. Hence the FEELINGS innately aroused by the knowledge of such associations in physical, mental or spiritual spheres, may make for an INDESCRIBABLE experience for either or BOTH, or MANY such entities. Hence these [Akashic]1records are NOT as pictures on a screen, not as written words, but are as active forces in the life of an entity, and are OFTEN - as may be surmised - INDESCRIBABLE in words; yet one SEEKING with a sincere desire through a channel that is in touch WITH all the surroundings - Hence it is often described as was in olden times, "with the eye it is seen, with the ear it is heard," [Job 13:1] with the mind the desire is made, or repentance is made, or an activity is made, or there is the activity in a manner of withdrawing, or of coming together, or of sending. See? The ATTEMPT is made, which makes often an inadequate way of expressing or signifying that that [which] is INTENDED TO be transmitted to the entity or individual SEEKING such information! Nevertheless, it be CORRECT - but do not make the mistake, as has often been given through these channels, of attempting to discern SPIRITUAL interpretations with a MATERIAL mind, nor MATERIAL interpretations with the spiritual mind, UNLESS same is signified by that of the incident, accident, or state of being is EMBLEMATICAL, or of any activity that is of the nature that REPRESENTS a condition - See?

288-27; 09/25/1931

Q) Is the temple or tabernacle of testimony, Rev. 15:5, referring to Akashic Records?

A) That as you may term the Akashic Record, or the Book of Life, or the Book of Revelation; that is, of the individual, see?

281-36; 07/28/1937

Q) Are there any records of my appearances? If so, where may they be found?

A) These as we find are not as material records, but are upon the skein of time and space - or the akashic records.

1223-4; 10/28/1940

EC: Yes, we have the records here of that entity now known as or called [1292].

In giving the interpretation of those records, much might be given as to the sources or as to how these interpretations are made of the acts and experiences of the entity in the earth's plane as well as those sojourns in the environs about the earth.

Each soul, each body, each individual, is an individual entity; and that done, that thought, becomes as a living record of the experience of that individual entity as related to the environs, the activities of the entity in whatever sphere of consciousness this activity may be and is recorded upon the skein of time and space.

1292-1; 11/15/1936

Q) Regarding my daughter [2004]'s Life Rdg., did difference of 3 days made in statement of birthdate make any difference in the information given?

A) Had the information been given from a purely astrological aspect, a minute or half an hour, - yes ten minutes at least, might make a difference in the report. But this is read from the records of the entity, and NOT from the exact birth date as related to the astrological inclinations, for these were taken from the records themselves. Hence, these are quite right.

1947-4; 07/25/1941

As to the place of records, - this is a place, yet it is everywhere. It, the information, to be individualized, must come from some source into some form to be interpreted in the experience of the seeker. As ye have here a source through which information as respecting varied experiences or associations may be given that affects the self in the present. The questioning, or the ability to question, indicates the ability to answer in self. And these must follow a universal law. That which ever supersedes or even an extenuation of spiritual and natural law, not only doubt but reject. And know, as He hath given in those witnesses as concerning the way, that these are not past finding out but are conditional - to be sure. One must, and should, prove self worthy, by the application of the universal law (and natural law) in accord with the spiritual purpose in same to be qualified, to be in the position to understand and interpret further into that man (because of his own denseness and selfishness) has called the wisdom of the age, or the mysteries of the divine.

To be sure, that which has disturbed this body oft, from the records that have been interpreted - and the entity has accepted or looked at with a longing, - when, what and where, then, is the source of information, such as ye seek here and now?

What records? Whose record is being interpreted, or being attempted to be interpreted, that ye may comprehend that being sought?

The records are upon time and space, but these - ye say - are concepts of man. There is no time, there is no space; they are concepts. Then, - where?

In individual consciousness. The individual consciousness arises from that faculty or that something called mind. Thus those of old have said it in these words: "My spirit beareth witness with thy spirit, saith the Lord of hosts."

Then, the record is thine.

2072-8; 06/23/1942

Messengers of truth, or messengers from the higher forces that interpret the universal forces:

GC: The members of the Executive Committee of Group 9 of the A.R.E., some of whom are present in this room, Salute Thee with Greetings of Deepest Love and thank Thee for again bringing to us the Ministry of our Kind and Helping Leader, Edgar Cayce. Realizing that when science investigates the works of God on the higher planes as it has done on the material plane, spirituality will truly come into its own proper place in the consciousness of Humanity, we hereby petition your indulgence and cooperation in bringing to us the following information, as the questions are asked, for the more perfect functioning of the work of Edgar Cayce and the Association from this time on, if same meets with your pleasure to do so.

EC: Yes, we - from the source of all knowledge that is promised in Him - salute thee, and give that which will be helpful to those who seek to be in the ministry of those influences and forces that make for more and more awareness of the divine in each and every soul, that - applied in the experience of each entity, each soul - will bring that day of the Lord that is at hand to those who will hear His voice.

Then, from the heights of those experiences, those hierarchies in the earth and in the air, we come as messengers of truth to those who will hear, and question.

Q) For the better and more rational presentation of the work of Edgar Cayce to the world, will you, if you consider same in order, kindly inform us of Thine Identity and the source or sources from which you bring us the information given in answer to our questions in the readings other than the Physical? Is it from the Astral -

A) (interrupting) From the universal forces that are acceptable and accessible to those that in earnestness OPEN their minds, their souls, to the wonderful words of truth and light.

Q) To what extent are the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood directing the activities of Edgar Cayce? Who are the Masters directly in charge?

A) MESSENGERS from the higher forces that may manifest from the Throne of grace itself.

Q) Who are the Masters directly in charge? Is Saint Germain - [Comte de (c. 1710 c. 1780)?] -

A) (interrupting) Those that are directed by the Lord of lords, the King of kings, Him that came that ye might be one with the Father.

Q) Is Saint Germain among them? Who is Halaliel?

A) These are all but messengers of the Most High. Halaliel is the one who from the beginning has been a leader of the heavenly host, who has defied Ariel, who has made the ways that have been heavy - but as the means for the UNDERSTANDING. [Isaiah 29th chapter?]

Q) Is Saint-Germain among them? [GD's note: I understand the Ballard I AM movement was based on Saint-Germain.]

A) When needed.

Q) Please give us Thine Identity?

A) He that seeks that has not gained control seeks damnation to his own soul! Control thine inner self that YE may KNOW the true life and light! For he that would name the Name must have become perfect in himself!

254-83; 02/14/35

The self, the soul self, or the body:

Q) What is the body [a 15-year-old girl] doing now?

A) Active in that of thought, or in reading.

Q) Who is giving this information?

A) The BODY, through its inquisitive or active forces within self.

Q) Any further advice for this body at this time?

A) This is a pretty large order for those who have control of the body! but the ABILITIES lie there, will these be [if these will be] directed properly. In seeking for sources of information, will that [if that] as has been given in the various manners as sought [will] be studied, oft may individuals know from whom or how such as given is reached.

If in prayer, through the spiritual forces. If in meditation, through that builded individually. If from the inquisitive, it may be from ANY source. If from the doubting, very apt to be improper vision!

768-1; 05/16/1931

Q) From whom came this beautiful message?

A) From self. Oft has this very condition confronted self, and as to whether to be able to put on again [as Nadab - See 257-5] those royal robes, and to prevent from offering the strange fires on the altars of the throne, has come to the self; and would the entity, the soul, be again associated in that love that makes for purity before the throne, the decisions in the flesh must be made.

5502-3; 05/07/1931

Q) Who is giving this information?

A) Self.

2713-3; 09/27/1943

Q) Why did we only hear one side of the conversation?

A) Denseness of matter to the spirit realm. All felt the presence of those influences, that attuned themselves to those activities. Spoke He, the Master, "They that have ears to hear, let them hear." There be none so deaf as those who do not WANT to hear. All could hear if they would attune themselves to the realm of the activity during such an experience.

How (some would ask) did the body, Edgar Cayce, or soul, attune self at that particular period and yet not remember in the physical consciousness that conversation had with those that approached to communicate or to tell those things that were to them, are to them, very vital in their experiences in the present plane? This, as has been given, is because the soul passes from the body into those realms from which is sought that desired to be known by the seeker. Here there was sought (this is on the 9th of July, see?) concerning the physical condition of a body that which in the material world would aid in correcting the mental and physical conditions. This realm from which such information is obtainable, as we have given, is either from those that have passed into the realm of subconscious activity or from the subconscious and superconscious activity through which information is being sought by that superconscious activity in the realm of physical forces in action. Hence why this particular body, Edgar Cayce, was able to attune self to the varied realms of activity by laying aside the physical consciousness. Then, if the body from its material and mental development were to be wholly conscious of that through which it passes in its SOUL'S activity in such realms, the strain would be so great upon that which holds the mental and its applications of same in order for material activity as to become demented in its relationship. And he [EC] is thought crazy enough anyway!

Continuing further on in the reading:

Why only one side being heard? For this was the bespeaking of the experience of the soul itself. But those present may hear, may experience, by the other activities of a material body, that it is taking place, or that the connections are made so that such communications may be had one with another. For, in regard to that received here in the immediate period, and that may be reversed in the way and manner:

Listen, then, for those voices that may use even these vibrations in the present for the communication to those that may be present as to that which would shortly come to pass in their own experience.

5756-14; 07/17/1934

The (outside) source of supply:

Q) In group reading of Sunday afternoon, June 25th [262-48, Par. 14-A], why was no answer given to the request for a message? What happened to Edgar Cayce during the experience?

A) This, as we find then, must (if it follows natural laws) fall among the category of that which has been presented as related to the laws pertaining to the abilities of the reproducer to gain from the channel of the information sought that which is to be brought to those seeking.

In this particular instance we find two elements enter. Remember, we have spoken of the elements; how that they in their various vibrations produce that which makes for either the producer or the receiver. See?

And these may appear, in their first glance from those that would study same, to be a different condition; yet they are phases, as the shadow has lengthened - or that producing same is at such an angle that no answer comes.

Is the simile understood? It is as this: In the one there was the desire of that source of supply to respond through that channel (This is from the outside, now, acting in) being opened for same. And there was within that which turned the switch and produced static. Hence no message came. Who? Those present.

Q) What happened to the body Edgar Cayce?

A) To the BODY, little. To the MENTAL forces, or the spiritual activity of the entity as a whole, a very hard KNOCK; as there was the DESIRE to enter in, and the entity stumbled -as it were - against a closed door.

Yes, this is deep; but it's understood!

Q) What happened Tuesday morning, July 11th, when we attempted to obtain a Life Reading for [373], and received only some words or exclamations in German?

A) The attempt of one that might guide the thought of the entity seeking, that was of that speech only. You see where this fits in with that which has been given? Incapable of being understood through those present, then - BY THEM - cut off!

254-67; 09/07/1933

All other subconscious minds:

EC: Edgar Cayce's mind is amenable to suggestion, the same as all other subconscious minds, but in addition thereto it has the power to interpret to the objective mind of others what it acquires from the subconscious mind of other individuals of the same kind. The subconscious mind forgets nothing. The conscious mind receives the impression from without and transfers all thought to the subconscious, where it remains even though the conscious be destroyed. The subconscious mind of Edgar Cayce is in direct communication with all other subconscious minds, and is capable of interpreting through his objective mind and imparting impressions received to other objective minds, gathering in this way all knowledge possessed by millions of other subconscious minds.

294-1; date unknown

Archangels (two examples are given):

GD: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [2897] present in this room, who is here to help you, and is asking the Forces for this information in order to be sincerely convinced that we are contacting the highest forces.

EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [2897]; this we have had before.

In seeking for those elements as make for sincerity in purpose, in desire, in aiding any channel through which there may come information as may be of the nature as comes at this time, be sure of the sincerity of self, as well as the sincerity of all as may be associated with, or connected with, such undertakings, that, that which may be given to others may make for those elements in the lives of individuals, that which produces or is CREATIVE and evolutionary in its action upon the individuals that are attempted to be aided. Ready for questions.

Q) Can you contact Azul [Azool? Azrael? Azazel?] for me? [See 2897-4, Par. R6.]

A) Demetrius - Michael; Azul - no. [See 311-6, Par. 5-A, 11-A.]

Q) You cannot?

A) Cannot.

Q) Why?

A) There are barriers between this body and Azul, as produced by that between Demetrius and between Michael.

Q) Can you contact Azul for anyone else?

A) Not under these conditions; for I, Michael, speak as the Lord of the Way. Bow thine heads, O ye peoples, that would seek to know the mysteries of that life as makes for those FALTERING steps in men's lives when not applied in the manner as has been laid down. O ye stiff-necked and adulterous generation! Who WILL approach the Throne that ye may know that there is NONE that surpasses the Son of Man in His approach to HUMAN experience in the material world!

2897-4; 08/14/1931

The weakling, the unsteady, must enter into the crucible and become as naught, even as He, that they may know the way. I, Halaliel, have spoken.

3976-15; 01/19/1934

The Approximate Number And Names Of Sources
Described In The Above Readings

Depending upon how one counts names of sources, some of which may duplicate others, it seems that approximately twelve distinct sources were available to Cayce when giving a reading. While we may have missed one or more additional sources, we will assume that twelve is a reasonably correct number. Here are the names of the sources. Note that some of the sources are referred to by more than one name. Note also that I have not attempted to number the possible sources, because I don't want to imply ranking them in any way.

Sources Of Cayce's Psychic Readings
  • Universal or cosmic consciousness

  • Individual disincarnate force

  • Spirit entity or spirit form

  • TheLife

  • Akashic records, Book of Life, Book of Revelation, esoteric records, or simply “the records”

  • Messengers of truth, or messengers from the higher forces that interpret the universal forces

  • The body

  • The soul

  • The self

  • The outside source of supply

  • Any of all other subconscious minds

  • Archangels

Note that I have left out “the lower” (440-12) and “the material-forces” (4153-1) sources. It seems that these sources were never accessed by Cayce. They seem only to have been mentioned by way of contrast to the far-higher universal or cosmic sources, respectively. If I am mistaken, then Cayce was able to obtain information from no less than 14 distinct sources.

Requirements Of The Seeker(s) Of Data, The Conductor And Recorder Of A Reading, And Of Cayce Himself To Ensure Near Perfect Acquisition And Transmission Of Truthful Information

Some of the stipulations involved to ensure that readings' information was truthful are covered in the reading extracts above. Additional requirements are worth listing as well.

Requirements of seekers of information:

  • Sincerity of purpose or desire:

Q) In the suggestion for my Life Reading, did using the date 1887 as my birth date instead of 1884 make any difference in the information which might have come through?

A) As we have indicated through these channels, respecting sources and manner of interpretation of the records of an entity, that as given was the interpretation as we find of the experiences of that entity now known as [1500].

As to what might have been is just the same as the choice one makes in making any statement. That as is so stated is accepted as an individual's interpretation, and that as given is given with that as the premise of interpreting.

In this instance, as we find, the sincerity of the purpose of the seeker has kept and does keep in the forefront.

Do not ever expect the better self to be more sincere than that lived and expressed in the material self; for one is the shadow of the other.

Q) Was that Life Reading with the incarnations mine?

A) As just given.

Q) Why is it necessary then to have the birth date at all, in seeking a Life Reading?

A) Many, as has been noted - or may be noted if there is a study, have not known their birth date; and the Reading or the interpreting of that lived has been given. Others, where there has not been the ability to give same, have not been able to be interpreted. The cause is just as has been stated. The sincerity of purpose, of desire, on the part of the seeker makes that through which a premise may be established. And the interpreting then is in keeping with that purpose.

To give the date, the hour, is in keeping with the expressing of sincerity. And where there have been even attempts to shield, or to seek for an activity that is shielding the date - yet the sincerity prompted the individual to give that correction in its seeking, the much better interpretation, the more helpful, has been received.

1500-4; 07/16/1938

The sincerity of purpose, of desire, on the part of the seeker makes that through which a premise may be established [for obtaining true information, as Hutton understands it]. And the interpreting then is in keeping with that purpose.

1500-4; July 16, 1938

  • Not asking irrelevant questions during a reading; not having an accord in the seeking minds of those in a group

Q) What caused the extraordinary physical reaction with Edgar Cayce at the close of the reading [254-67] this morning, at the beginning of the suggestion?

A) As was seen, through the seeking of irrelevant questions there was antagonism manifested. This made for a contraction of those channels through which the activity of the psychic forces operates in the material body; as we have outlined, along the pineal, the lyden and the cord - or silver cord.

The natural reactions are for sudden contraction when changing suddenly from the mental-spiritual to material. For, as evidenced by that which has been given, there is the touching - with the mental beings of those present in the room or at such manifestations - of the most delicate mechanism that may be well imagined.

As has been crudely given, a hen may lay an egg but the shell once cracked or broken CANNOT be made to produce that it contains.

When the thought, the activity that is being made manifest, is broken, that which is creative or constructive - once touched by thought or suggestion - is hindered, wavered, as to that it may bring to a manifested form.

Hence the experiences that are sometimes held, or that may be held, by those that may witness or experience the transmission of that which is received or gained through this particular channel, may - by the mere disturbing of the body that rests above the natural body by other than the elements that have not taken bodily form - break the associations, the connections, with that source from which the records are being taken.

In considering such information, much - and much more - might be given, or sought, as to how far-reaching in space (time) is the information or the effects or benefits from such reaching, in its range or scope of activity.

254-68; 09/07/1933

Q) What has caused the jerking and twitching movements of Edgar Cayce's physical body during readings given within the last few months?

A) Not perfect accord in the physical body of Edgar Cayce, partially; not perfect accord in the minds of those present as to the purpose of the seeking in each instance.

254-73; 04/30/1934

  • Developing the capability to receive the information sought:

Q) Was the Master speaking to us in our group reading of Sunday, February 19th, on the finishing up of the lesson, "The Cross and the Crown"? [262-38]

A) No.

Q) Could we of this group at this time have a message from the Master to guide us on our way?

A) When each has shown self, as He has given, as being able or capable of receiving or vibrating to that which may make the consciousness for each in that realm.

262-39; 02/21/33

Requirements of the conductor of a reading:

Q) Is the information always absolutely correct?

A) In so far as it is in accord with the soul forces or matter, and so long as the information desiring to be obtained is in that channel or so long as there is harmony between the one and the other, just as we have given, reflection so far as the deflection is made by the individual through their own suggestion guides or directs the information as it comes to the physical plane. The soul or subconscious self of this body, Edgar Cayce, is in the state of being guided by the individual who makes the suggestions, and so long as the suggestions are in accord and the mind of the individual is kept in accord, correct - shaded just that much.

Q) Is it best that one person take the readings or more than one?

A) Only one can make them correctly.

Q) Should there be a variety of persons making the suggestions?

A) Only one person may. Deflections come more when individual is governed or turned aside by others. There may be at different times more than one. In the making of an individual, as we find the body here on the physical plane, the entity meaning the whole, you see, is made of both the opposite, or positive and negative poles. The body is not complete without the whole or both. We find this shown in the construction of man in many ways and is easily manifested to those who will only read the perfect union in all forces, whether of the physical, mental, material, soul or spirit, is when the two are combined in the body, hence in this individual personality and individuality, the negative often the truer, better information when in this condition. Find that individual.

Q) In what manner can the person be chosen to take the readings to obtain the best results?

A) It is given to the individual, whom obtains any vision of the super or soul plane to know when they are in accord with that individual. Sex as known on the material does not necessarily mean that a body is positive or negative, but only as shown from the soul or subconscious or spiritual plane.

Q) What kind of a person should make these suggestions?

A) As we have given. Those whom are of the negative, for this entity or individual, Edgar Cayce, is the strong positive and must be reached through that channel, as we have given.

3744-1; 06/18/23

Requirements of the recorder of a reading:

Q) Why is it that at times it is apparently so necessary that a body be at a definite location before we can obtain a reading, while at others the reading is given anyway from the "vibrations" of the body surroundings, etc.? [See 462-4 on 12/5/33.]

A) The character of the desire, as may be learned in the study of DESIRE in the life. [See 262 series of the “Search For God” readings].

Here we find many questions that make for the materialist to say (and rightly so), "Because there are the requirements of this or that, it becomes hokus pokus, monkey business, nothing worth while." Yet the desire of individuals, as given - that one seeking, whether it be from the spiritual basis of "Thy will be done" or from that of "I must succeed in materiality" or "I must know for myself," these make for conditions in the lives of all those about the body, or about the channel, or those about the one to whom such information may be directed; and, to be sure, alter that which may be given. For, Life, God, whether cramped or flourishing, gives forth that it has under the environ in which it is.

Understand that, all, as you approach for information. This has been given again and again. When there is a question in the mind of the seeker, when there is a question in the interrogator [Hutton says “conductor”], when there is a question in the recorder's mind, THESE must influence that interpretation of that seen by the channel through which the information comes2[Emphasis added in bold by Hutton]. For, the soul of this man, [Edgar Cayce] my child, goes out into that realm from which such information may come. And "may come" is as to "How readest thou?

534-2; 04/20/1934

Requirements of the psychic (here Cayce) when giving a reading:

GC: You will have before you the subject for the address to be given by Edgar Cayce, Feb. 19, 1932, on "The Lost Continent of Atlantis". You will please continue in lecture form the material which he should present at that time.

EC: Until there is a cleansing of the body from that created in the present, such infinite subjects, or hard [ones], are not well to be done.

Q) What should be done to cleanse the body in the proper way?

A) Same as has oft been given, through prayer, through meditation, through the purifying of self.

You will dismiss the suggestion regarding Atlantis. That is all for the present.

364-2; 02/15/1932

Q) Is the body [Edgar Cayce] properly polarized for this reading?

A) Proper.

311-6; 09/19/1931

EC: Yes, we have the information as has been given regarding treasure buried on Bimini Island, with those who made diligent search for same without results. The causes also are apparent as respecting same.

Now we find that, not because of the information being incorrect, not because of the lack of diligence in search for same; for the information as has been given is correct, and the search by those as seeking same was in order.

Then, the trouble lies within that of the one [Edgar Cayce - [294]] through whom information is given; for these sources from which the information comes to the material world are from a universal and infinite source, but the channel of same is of the carnal or material plane. Hence we know sin lies at the door, and in that information as has been given respecting same, that the house must be set in order.

Further on in the reading, and with a few skips of some paragraphs, we find:

Q) How may he put his [Cayce's] house in order?

A) Through that concentrated effort to make self One with those infinite forces through which infinite information may be given the material-minded individual, in applying same to material conditions. When such is set, through the same sources information will be given, and this will be located; for the information as given is correct. Then, "Wait ye on the Lord!"

Q) Will this individual understand this information being given, so that he will be able to put his house, in order, that the information may be given and understood as to how to locate and get this buried treasure?

A) Certainly! That as is necessary for an individual to give to self that at-oneness is ever present, when one turns his face wholly to the light; for "ye shall know the truth - the truth shall make you free!"

Q) Should any one of the individuals whose names have been mentioned be eliminated, to be able to secure this information? (Asked by Mr. [2671])

A) If such is necessary when information is given, the "how?" and "who shall obtain same?" will be given. Sure!

Q) How long will it be before the individual will be able to set his house in order and obtain this information?

A) How long! Oh, Lord, how long! When thou hast set thy face to do the biddings of the living God, He is ever present; and not that, "Who should ascend into the heavens as to bring Him down?" or "Who shall descend into the depths to bring Him up?" for He is IN THINE HEART! Then turn to Him. When this is done, He is ever present and ready.

Q) Is there any further information that will help or assist this individual to do this?

A) Look into thine own heart and make thine self One with the Universal Forces necessary. These will then answer, for "My Spirit answereth with Thy Spirit, as to whether ye be the sons of God or not," sayeth the Lord. Then make thine paths straight, and walk in that way as is consistent with thine own elements of understanding, and in so doing be helpful to him who falters.

996-8; 02/07/1927

Then, consider also that which has been given, that through the subconscious or superconscious forces of the entity the manifestations may take place; or from the superconscious or subconscious forces of entities that may have passed into that designated as the spiritual realm. Through these, or through the universal consciousness or cosmic consciousness from the very abilities of the entity Edgar Cayce to wholly subjugate the physical consciousness as to allow the use of physical organs that may be attuned to all realms that pertain to psychic or mental or spiritual influences in the realms about the entity.

Then, that which wavers or hinders or repels or blocks the activity through this channel when in such a state may be from these causes; namely:

The unwillingness of the body-consciousness to submit to the suggestion as pertaining to information desired at that particular time. Or the activity of the physical in such a manner as to require the influence or supervision of the superconsciousness in the body, or ill health, at such a period. Or the mental attitude of those about the body that are not in accord with the type, class or character of information sought at that particular time. Or there may be the many variations of the combination of these, influencing one to another, as to the type, class or real activity of the entity or soul that seeks the information.


Explanations of, or Cautions About, The Process
By Which Cayce Obtained Psychic Information

Q) How can the language used in the readings be made clearer, more concise and more direct?

A) Be able to understand it better! [See 254.63, Pars. R7 and R8]

254-63; 04/26/1932

Q) Is this information always correct?

A) Correct in so far as the suggestion is in the proper channel or in accord with the action of subconscious or soul matter.

254-2; 03/19/1919

Q) Please explain the source of the information given in these readings. Is it my own self-conscious mind?

A) As has been indicated, this comes from these:

Conditions as regarding activities of organizations, groups or individuals create a spirit or purpose or desire; and in the reading, the interpreting of those purposes that are a part of such organizations, the information is obtained.

That individuals in their activity and their associations at times change their minds or their purposes, or become overenthusiastic or overindulgent in one way or another may change the direction to which the activities are indicated.

Hence the greater portion may be from the purposes of the individual seeking; for the information may only go as high as the abilities of the individual to fit into the activities of such organizations, corporations; for that is the height of the purpose, the desire, the abilities of the individual's activities.

Hence these may fall short owing to changes that may arise in the experiences of the individual.

This may be specifically indicated for the individual in connection with the Seal-Kap Corporation. Here, as has been indicated, there were individuals that were contrariwise, yet their activities and their enthusiasm of some who were at a height at one time have cooled. These then show that the information as given at the individual time is as that as has been indicated.

Q) Why is it that much of the information given in the past regarding my Sands Point house, my Stock Exchange Seat, my business opportunities, etc., has not worked out as stated in the readings?

A) As has been indicated.

As regarding the Sands Point house, these have become rather - throughout the whole experience - as a one-track or a one-individual proposition, when the information has indicated that this was as of an ASSOCIATION - NOT as an individual, until the individual became a part OF the purpose of those attempting to make for the creating of an individual activity!

877-22; 09/21/1937

In giving the interpretations of the records as we find them, some little explanation as to how they may be read or interpreted might be well for this entity; as innately and manifestedly the entity has an interest in occult things and conditions.

The records of an entity are written upon time and space, as the skein of things. They may be called as images. For thoughts are things, and as they run, so are the impressions made upon what we call time and space.

Hence often there is confusion in the experiences of those interpreting for individuals their activities through any given period, in differentiating between that which was the thought of an individual and that which was the actual activity.

1562-1; 03/31/1938

In seeking for those elements as make for sincerity in purpose, in desire, in aiding any channel through which there may come information as may be of the nature as comes at this time, be sure of the sincerity of self, as well as the sincerity of all as may be associated with, or connected with, such undertakings, that, that which may be given to others may make for those elements in the lives of individuals, that which produces or is CREATIVE and evolutionary in its action upon the individuals that are attempted to be aided.

2897-4; 08/14/1931

The Role Of Multiple Sources When
Ranking Readings As To Their Veracity

When we speak about schemes for ranking readings as to their veracity, we must be sensitive to the possibility that Cayce's subconscious forces accessed more than one source of information when giving a reading. To illustrate, here are a number of revealing excerpts from what I call the Demetrius series of readings, given for a Mr. 311:

Q) When [Edgar Cayce is] giving a reading, do the thoughts come from your [his] subliminal self, from a discarnate entity or entities, or from what source is the information derived?

A) That [is] dependent upon the individual SEEKING the information, and may be by the desire of the individual made to APPEAR or be from either or ANY of the sources; that is, as is seen in this particular instance, or case [311-3], the channel here is a manner or means of the source as of the universal, or of that phase or portion of students IN the universal plane, as it may ALSO be of any COSMIC force, or an individual disincarnate force CAPABLE of ATTUNING to those channels - or that ATTUNEMENT which ALLOWS an intercourse of expressions with the desire of one seeking same - see?

311-3; 03/07/1931

Here, it seems, we see that Cayce's subconscious forces can be tuned to a universal channel that may permit the summoning-up of specific sources of information by the desire of the one seeking the information (Mr. 311, in this case). “Students in the universal plane” may refer to such as Demetrius. Or Demitruis may be “an individual disincarnate force.” It is hard to be sure, although Demetrius speaks as one might if from the universal plane. Here's an example:

Q) Who is giving this information?

A) Demetrius.

Q) May I call upon this entity for help and guidance in the future?

A) This, my brother, is much to be asked - even of me, thine own brother in the flesh, in the spirit and in mind, as WELL that same may oft become a stumbling block to thine own self; for, as is seen, no one approaches the Throne - or the threshold of universal consciousness - without that purpose of EITHER lifting self to that consciousness or bringing us DOWN to their own ideal. Then, set thine IDEAL in the promises of the living GOD; for NOT for thine righteousness may GOOD even come unto thee, but that the Holy One has promised that "they that seek ME will find ME." Then WHY, even I, should I make thee falter, or WHY should one seek less than the Gods [Guards] of Glory?

Q) Please repeat the name of the one giving the information.

A) D-e-m-e-t-r-i-u-s.

311-5; 08/08/1931

Well that there be taken into consideration by the body, mentally, physically, materially, those experiences that have brought even the disturbances to the body, and the body recognize same as a force to be dealt with. While the mental and material balance has for the time appeared not to keep paralleled with those as the body has at times been led to expect, but expectancy and the ability to use are different things!

For the moment, then, Demetrius would philosophize on the situations -- for the moment. [Emphasis added by Hutton]:

He that expects and puts his trust and faith in the Lord shall not be disappointed. He that would be double-minded may expect to be disturbed in the mental visions that are brought in the experience of such an one from time to time. The LAW is perfect. The flesh is weak. The spirit is willing. In making each compatible, then, an exercising of the prerogative that makes for the differentiation between an automaton and a living example is made manifest. He that has been faithful over a few things may be made ruler over many. Faint not because of disappointment. Rather use even failures as stepping-stones for gaining the greater vision of the light. The light that makes the path straight. Walk, then, in the light that is set by self as the ideal. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Ye will be enjoined one to the other. Keep thine counsel in many things. Be a good listener, and an EXCELLENT worker.

311-8; 04/09/1932

The above reading fragments reveal an operation of Cayce's subconscious forces about which students of the readings are largely unaware. Some questions are in order.

What are the consequences to those trying to assess the veracity of a reading that is based upon multiple, generally unidentified psychic sources?

Can we assume that if the channel engaged by Cayce at reading start-up is a higher one that this same channel holds throughout the remainder of the reading?

What if the initial channel contacted is a lower one, like a channel of “an individual disincarnate force”? What then? Is the information obtained inferior compared to that which might have been obtained?

Summary For This “Demetrius” Section

It would seem that if one wishes to investigate a fragment of a reading dealing with a prediction, like an Earth-change prediction, one ought first to try to determine whether the initial channel accessed by Cayce was of a sufficiently high level to provide a truthful prediction. In judging this, it will also be necessary to try to know whether any secondary source was contacted later during the reading. By that I mean a source that may have transmitted inferior information via the primary channel. If so, one might decide that there are grounds for believing that this secondary source transmitted questionable, or unreliable, data.

Summary Of Factors Affecting The Reliability Of A Cayce Reading

To conclude Part 1, here is a brief summary of several main points that bear upon the reliability of the Cayce readings.

Personal factors that could have adversely affected Cayce's psychic abilities when he was giving a reading:

  • Any sub-par physical, mental, or spiritual condition of Cayce at the time of a reading.

  • Any unwillingness on Cayce's part to submit to the suggestion given.

  • Cayce being “deflected,” or turned aside by others.

Factors related to the conductor of a reading that resulted in diminished quality of the information obtained:

  • Suggestions that were given which were not in accord with the mind of the conductor. [In such a case, the information obtained from Cayce was “shaded” to some degree by the mind of the conductor.]

  • The male or female conductor of the reading lacked a sufficient amount of “negative polarity” to balance Cayce's strong positive polarity, so as to obtain “the truer, better information.”

  • The presence of any question in the mind of the conductor.

Factor related to the recorder of a reading that diminished the quality of the information obtained.

  • The presence of any question in the mind of the recorder.

Factors related to the requester(s) of readings that could have diminished the quality of the information obtained:

  • The presence of any question in the mind of the requester.

  • The presence of dissention, antagonism, lack of harmony, deception, insincerity, or greed on the part of requester(s).

  • The requesters of readings desiring a “set channel” for the receipt of psychic information, to the exclusion of having Cayce contact the universal forces that could provide more comprehensive knowledge.

  • The mental attitude of those around Cayce during a reading not being in accord “with the type, class, or character of information sought at the time, or the real activity of the entity seeking the information.”

  • The degree of lack of sincerity of purpose, or desire, of the requester(s).

  • The degree to which a reading had not been “in the proper channel, or in accord with the action of subconscious or soul matter.”

  • The inability of a requester to understand information from the level of the source sought by that requester.

  • Various questions asked by requesters that were irrelevant to the main theme of a reading.

  • Unspecified factors bothersome to Cayce that made for “contraction of those channels through which the activity of the psychic forces operated” in him.

Ten Criteria Chosen For Evaluating Readings
As To Their Veracity And Reliability

It seems to me that when trying to determine the veracity of a reading it is useful for one to consider the following ten criteria. Not all will be useful in any given evaluative exercise, by any means. But an attempt should be made to use each criterion to arrive at the best possible determination of a reading's truthfulness and reliability. The same should hold for each self-consistent fragment of a reading, where the reading itself may be based on more than one source.

  1. The probable level of the source contacted.

  2. The physical, mental, and spiritual condition of Cayce when giving the reading.

  3. The degree of accord of mental attitudes of those around Cayce with respect to the type, class, or character of information sought.

  4. The suitability of the conductor of the reading to balance Cayce's polarity, so as to minimize the “shading” of information received.

  5. The ability of requestors of information to understand the level of the information sought.

  6. The sincerity of purpose or desire of the requesters of the reading.

  7. The degree to which Cayce was “bothered” during a reading as a result of the asking of irrelevant questions, or due to other actions of those present during the reading session.

  8. The presence of dissention, antagonism, lack of harmony, or greed in requester(s) of the reading.

  9. The degree to which the requester(s) could understand information from the level of the source sought.

  10. The presence of any questions in the minds of the requesters, the conductor, and/or the recorder during a reading.

These are the criteria that we will use in Part 2 to rank a number of pole-shift and Earth-change readings relative to their veracity and predictive reliability.


I wish to thank four individuals for their help in locating relevant readings, or for commenting on the draft manuscript. Each of these souls has worked for many years to understand the readings and each reflected this valuable experience in his or her interactions with me. Finally, none wished to be cited publicly for their laudable efforts.


  1. This word, akashic, appears to have been inserted to explain to the reader just what records are being spoken of. I presume that the person doing the inserting was correct in his/her judgment.

  2. In a note at the end of reading 534-2 dated 6/12/57 Gladys Davis says:

In all fairness to those who attempt a close study of this case, I must mention that there was a terrific karmic situation at the time between [cousins] MD [Mildred Davis] and GD [Gladys Davis]. MD was conducting the reading in GC's absence. GD resented this. Who knows what effect was had on the channel by these conflicting emotions in those closely associated with EC at the time?

Also at the time, as indicated in my [GD's] letter to Mrs. [255], I was greatly desirous that information be given to help little Roma Garrett [a different girl than the one for whom reading 534-2 was given], clipping of whose case is used in the background of 534-1.