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Will Pole Shift And Solar Heats
End The Present Cycle?

Two Profound Events On The Immediate Horizon

This article will examine the end of the present age, or cycle, from the perspective of 1) an Edgar Cayce reading, and 2) a highly prescient, late-1800's vision by Phylos, a master in the spirit plane. Both psychic messages deal primarily with the end of the present cycle. My thesis is that the present cycle will end with a pole shift, and also, with the destruction “by fire” of much of humanity that has become “unfaithful” in the current cycle. The current cycle is about to end this year, according to the Cayce reading. Such a radical thesis is advanced here for your evaluation and, email me.

Event Number 1. Cayce reading 826-8 implies that a new cycle for humanity is to begin in 2000-2001, in association with shifting of the poles.

Q. What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the Earth in the year 2000 to 2001 A.D.?

A. When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins.

826-8, August 11, 1936

Event Number 2. Before discussing solar heats related to the “fire” of the transition to the new Cycle, we will turn to a visionary prediction of the last sign of the end of the present Age. This sign is presented below by a master known as Phylos the Tibetan. (More later on Phylos).

Friends, know ye the meaning of the name Jerusalem? That it meanith 'Vision of Peace''? Verily, so it doth. One by one during the years all the signs of the end of the Age but one were fulfilled; but these were 'only the beginning of sorrows,' for still the Spirit of Liberty abode here and there in the breasts of lovers of their fellowmen. The Spirit wrapped itself in the glorious folds of the Stars and Stripes and proclaimed the imperishable declaration of human equality, granting unto all that freedom which Americans for themselves demanded. But now the 'Vision of Peace' is finally encompassed by armies, the last gap being filled with blue-coated soldiers forcing Mammon's commercial shackles upon alien peoples in tropical islands... [emphasis added] 'Then shall the end come.' A Son hath continually called from on High: 'Stand from under! Get into the shelter of that Cross.'"

Phylos in A Dweller On Two Planets, Borden, Los Angeles

So now we have the predicted two events. Consider the warning that accompanies them.

A Warning About Being Unfaithful

What is needed most in the Earth today? That the sons of men be warned that the day of the Lord is near at hand, and that those who have been and are unfaithful must meet themselves in those things which come to pass in their experience.

5148-2, May 29, 1944

What does it mean to be unfaithful? Indeed, what is faith? The word is not easy to understand but, as paraphrased from Maurice Nicoll's psychological commentaries (v. 3, 1952, Vincent Stuart), in the Gospels, faith is referred to as a seed in one's mind. “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place, and nothing shall be impossible to you.” Christ spoke these words to the disciples after they were unable to cure an epileptic boy who kept falling “into the fire and oft-times into the water.” In answer to the disciples' question, “Why could we not cast it out?” Christ says, “Because of your little faith.”

Now faith is not as most people suppose, belief. In its essential meaning, faith denotes a certainty that a higher interpretation of life exists and, as a consequence, that the transformation of human kind is a possibility. The peculiar quality of faith can be found in this idea, that life can only be understood by the sense of something higher than Man as he is, and that Man has this possibility of becoming transformed and passing into completely new meanings relative to life on Earth. It is this peculiar quality that is the essence of faith, and which makes it completely different from what we normally call belief. Indeed, faith undermines all our ordinary and natural beliefs because it leads away from worldly belief and in a direction that can no longer be confirmed by the evidence of the five senses. For this reason, faith is defined as a seed in a person's mind; that is, it is the potentiality of a growth in a man's mind, which cannot exist in him as long as he believes that life, as it is, is the end of human endeavor, and not a means for something else. Thus, if we imagine that life is an end in itself - and the only end - we cannot possess faith and do not even wish to.

When we are identified with our personality and with life, we dwell among the unfaithful and fall under the laws of accident and karma that govern inhabitants of this plane. When we faithfully begin to work on diminishing our acquired personality and developing our in-born essence, we begin to fall under the laws of our own fate. This seems to be the message of the warning in the above reading. Thus, those who have been and are unfaithful -- who believe in life as it is and not as a means to transformation -- may experience Earth changes or accidents of various sorts. Such people contrast with those of faith who, by their own mental searching and not in response to external coercion, begin to dwell in a “spiritual” environment.

Commercialism And Commercial Shackles

Note that the commercialism mentioned previously by Phylos is by its very nature rooted in the belief that the discoveries of researchers and inventors in the external world are capable of providing products that meet all the needs of people, leaving aside all consideration of Man's inner needs. Commercialism is a symptom of lack of faith. This realization brings us back to the warning of reading 5148-2.

But Phylos's use of the term “commercial shackles” goes a step further. Here, the “commercial” emphasis is on excessive profit, to the detriment of exploited peoples. For today's world situation, it would seem that Phylos's "blue-coated soldiers" refers to businessmen, and that the "alien peoples in tropical islands" refers primarily to the inhabitants of southeast Asia. The "commercial shackles" forced upon these peoples could in part be the servitude, the often prison-like working conditions, and the minuscule wages experienced by laborers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia. The American Press has documented these conditions. One article, entitled "Asian Labor: Wages of Shame", is headlined, "Western Firms Help To Exploit Brutal Conditions." Children are often the only wage earners in some areas of southeast Asia because adult workers have been laid off in favor of children, who are infinitely more exploitable and provide larger profits for wealthy factory owners and corporate stockholders worldwide.

In an article entitled “U.S. Trained Butchers of Timor” (The Guardian, 9/19/99) we read,

“Indonesian military forces linked to the carnage in East Timor were trained in the United States under a covert program sponsored by the Clinton Administration which continued until 1998... Amnesty International's East Timor country specialist, Deborah Sklar, traces the [Suharto] regime's 'over-reliance on thuggish military operations' as being due to the demands of the foreign investment community and even the World Bank. She cites a blueprint called The East Asian Miracle, written by US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers [now President of Harvard University], in which he urges governments to 'insulate' themselves from 'pluralist pressures' and to suppress trade unions.. This, she says, became a primary Kopassus role during the years of training by the U. S.” [Kopassus was an elite Indonesian army force built up with American expertise despite U.S. awareness of its role in the genocide of about 200,000 people in the years after the invasion of East Timor in 1975.]

More recently, in the New York Times of March 6, 2001, Abigail Abrash has used reports of recent bloody fighting on the Indonesian island of Borneo to detail the failed economic and social policies that Indonesia, with American support, has followed far too long. She states, in part:

The American State Department's annual report on human rights, released last month, charged that the Indonesian government had “used its authority, and at times intimidation, to appropriate land for development projects, particularly in areas claimed by indigenous people, and often without fair compensation.” It further stated, “When indigenous people clash with private-sector development projects, the developers almost always prevail.”

Indonesia's military plays a critical role in the economy, relying on its private business interests for an estimated two-thirds of its annual budget. The military has not hesitated to acquire and protect its own and others' assets by force. [Emphasis added]. A lieutenant commander of Indonesia's elite American-trained special forces described for a human-rights investigator in 1998 what role the military played in establishing and protecting natural-resource operations and other development projects. “The military is here to make sure that investors can come in.”

When Asian markets crashed in 1997, Indonesia's currency lost much of its value, and the state utility, not surprisingly, was bankrupted. American and other foreign investors, or their insurers, demanded payment. American ambassador Roger Gelbard, the federal Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and others placed enormous pressure on Indonesia to pay up at precisely the time when its economy had been devastated and the country was just emerging from 30 years of military rule. In context, such a policy of putting American corporate interests first is inherently destabilizing.

The current condition of Indonesia, the fourth most populous nation in the world, is perilous. Morgan Stanley economists currently estimate Indonesia's total public debt to be $152 billion, or 99 percent of its gross domestic product. With some 40 percent of government operating expenditures going to make payments on this debt, experts acknowledge that Indonesia is facing a permanent debt trap.

The foregoing material certainly comports well with Phylos's sign of commercial shackles placed upon the peoples of tropical islands, and indicates clearly the complicity of America in this tragedy. And who would have thought that such a sign would ever come to pass when it was first published in 1894? But that is exactly what happened. And note that Phylos concludes his narrative of the Mammon's-commercial-shackles sign with, “Then shall the end come.” End of the Age (or Cycle) that is.

The book, A Dweller on Two Planets, was channeled from Phylos, a disincarnate master, whose facts and truths were taken from the Akashic records. The channel was a seventeen-year-old named Fredrick Oliver. Phylos claimed to have had incarnations, in Tibet, on Atlantis, and most recently in America during the California gold rush. Between Earthly incarnations, his soul spent time in the realm of Venus. Thus, his claim of having dwelt on two planets. Interestingly, the Atlantis story and the forecasts mentioned by Phylos seem closely to parallel those of the Cayce readings. And the references by Phylos to reincarnation, Lemuria, karma, and to Christ as being the only way to personal salvation also parallel the readings. One wonders if Cayce ever read the book.

Phylos's story is relevant for several reasons, one being his descriptions of the technological accomplishments of the Atlantean civilization. Conveniences on Atlantis are said to have included transportation by anti-gravity devices, "telephotic" service similar to our television, and a "caloriveyant" instrument by which energy could be transmitted by Earth currents and converted at distance into heat. In the words of Phylos, this energy transmission also utilized

"those [characteristics] of the higher ether, a range which ye shall yet find and utilize as did Atl [Atlantis], for are ye not [Atlantis] returned? I have said it. Ye lived then, ye live now. Ye used all these forces then; ye shall ere long use them all again."

Phylos makes many references to America as being "Atlantis come again," a theme that parallels a Cayce reading:

Be it true that there is the fact of reincarnation, and that souls that once occupied such an environ [Atlantis] are entering the Earth's sphere and inhabiting individuals in the present, is it any wonder that -- if they made such alterations in the affairs of the Earth in their day, as to bring destruction upon themselves -- if they are entering now, they might make changes in the affairs of peoples and individuals in the present?

364-1, February 3, 1932

Earlier in this reading we find, "As we recognize, there has been considerable given representing such a lost continent by those channels such as the writer of 'Two Planets;" that is, as given by Phylos.

Phylos's Forecast For America And The World

What is the nature of Phylos's forecast? Phylos begins his ruminations on the end of the present age with words full of karmic penalty:

"Atl, just because she is Atl returned on a higher plane, she must endure the woes as well as retrace her precarnate glories. The penalty visited upon Poseid [the last remaining large island of Atlantis] was the crowning sentence of that Age. Century after century in the majestic march of Time hath passed since the sun looked down upon a wild waste of ocean waters where but a few days before had been the regal Island-Continent. Another cycle hath reached its end, and its last now-closed Sixth Day is come, in stately, measured, but inexorable way to face judgment by the standard, Truth."

Phylos then asserts that there is no escape from the "awful woe" of the end of the age, as pictured in prophecy over many centuries. He asserts that "America, the Glorious, together with the rest of the world" will meet worse woe than Atlantis, "though not by water but by fire." He goes on,

The Hour hath struck. And yet in all of this there is no mystery, no supernatural penalty, no capricious infliction by an offended personal God, and nothing of 'man's necessity, God's opportunity'. It is all of Man's own doing. He hath wandered from the Way, and hath for the God-nature in him, which he should have revered and nourished, substituted worship of Self and of Mammon; hath cast out Love; and placed violence, lust, greed and all the riotous animalism in him in command of his life. Man is his own judge and executioner"

Phylos then proceeds to describe the end of our age:

"Soon millions of trained soldiers will turn upon the visible representatives, the wealthy and worldly prosperous, who in reality are not more responsible than will be their assailants, of that Relentless Force [selfish Capital] behind all human enterprise. Later they will break up into lawless bands bent on satisfying Ishmaelitish tendencies, each self-server's hand weaponed against their fellow creatures. Then will the pent-up hate, the savagery and selfishness begotten by ages of selfishness ruled by unbridled animalism break in a storm such as the world hath never yet seen.... "

As to Phylos's references to violence, lust, and animalism in American society, start with the violence and eroticism displayed routinely on American TV and now exported to ever larger audiences worldwide. Then open the Wall Street Journal and read about "a publicly held firm that turns X-rated videos into a hot business," or about "porn lines [that] offer 800 numbers." Now consider that the U. S. military-industrial complex makes more money on weapons sales overseas than it does on domestic sales, and some of these sales are financed by U.S. Government loans. By 1980, the top ten U. S. corporate earners involved in foreign weapons sales were making $15 billion yearly, and ranged from a rather obvious General Dynamics to a not-so-expected Chrysler Corporation. Consider that in 1995, the U.S. controlled 53% of the world arms trade, and has been called "the world's leading merchant of death." American exports of anti-personnel mines have maimed and killed thousands of children over the last few years. Finally, add to this partial commentary on violence, lust, and lawlessness (as promulgated by certain reincarnated Atlanteans?), that America leads the world in per capita incarceration of its own citizens.

And what of Phylos's vision of "trained soldiers turning upon the visible representatives" of society and of lawless bands forming to satisfy selfish goals? An Atlantic Monthly article, entitled "The Coming Anarchy", refers to just such activity, in Sierra Leone. Under a subheading, "A Premonition of the Future," it suggests that "West Africa is becoming the symbol of worldwide demographic, environmental, and societal stress, in which criminal anarchy emerges as the real 'strategic' danger. Disease, overpopulation, unprovoked crime, scarcity of resources, refugee migrations, the increasing erosion of nation-states and international borders, and the empowerment of private armies [emphasis added], security firms, and international drug cartels are now most tellingly demonstrated through a West African prism. In Serria Leone, the government force fighting the rebels is full of renegade commanders who have aligned themselves with disaffected village chiefs. A pre-modern formlessness governs the battlefield, evoking the wars in medieval Europe...."

Is there any evidence in the United States of "trained soldiers turning upon the visible representatives of society"? Unfortunately, evidence of this tendency is growing. In addition to former U. S. soldiers joining militias nationwide, consider the recent report on an underground group claiming to be serving the Army's elite Special Forces, headquartered at Ft. Bragg, N. C. The group has been publishing a far-right dissident newspaper, The Resister, which is extremely critical of the Federal Government. The New York Times article concludes that "extremists trained in special warfare are seen as posing a serious problem" to society. And we remember, too, that a U.S. Army soldier was in custody in 1995, charged with blowing up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Is Phylos's Vision Based On Truth?

When Cayce was asked whether Phylos's vision of the end of the age was "based on truth, especially in its forecast for the United States,” the answer was:

As viewed by an entity separated from the whole, yes. As TRUTH that may be implied by one that looks only to the Lamb, to the Son as a leader, no. Choose thou. "

282-5, March 2, 1933

It would seem that the "entity" referred to here is Phylos, and that Phylos's understanding is correct, but limited, however slightly, by such clouded vision as can affect any soul not fully absorbed into the Whole. I interpret this reading to mean that karmic penalty, as enunciated by Phylos, may be mitigated for a nation that does an about face, and starts to try to implement Christ-like principles in its activities at home and abroad. Thus, the Law of Grace, as intimated in this reading, can supersede the Law of Karma:

As in relationship to changes, these are indicated not only through prophecies but through astrological aspects, as well as the thought and intent of persons and groups in high places, bringing about these things, these conditions in what might be said the fullness of time.

However -- since the advent of the Son of Man in the Earth, giving man an advocate with the Father -- there has been an influence that may counteract much of that which has been indicated that would come as retribution, or in fulfilling the law of an evolution of ideas and the relationship of material things to the thoughts and intents of individuals and groups.

Then as to whether the hearts and minds of individuals or souls (who were given authority concerning the laws of the universe) are fired with thoughts of dire consequences or those things that bespeak of the greater development of a spiritual awakening is still in the keeping and in the activities of individuals -- who, as this entity, have caught a glimpse, or an awareness, of that which is in the making, in the affairs of state, nation, and nations, and the universe as related to the conditions upon the face of Mother Earth.

There enters much then, that might become questions as respecting the activities of groups and individuals who have acted and who are to act as a counterbalance to those happenings in the Earth...

Again, the interpretation of the signs and the omens becomes an individual experience. And each soul -- as this entity -- then is given the privilege, the opportunity to live such an activity in its relationships to its fellow man -- filling, fulfilling, and interpreting that which has been indicated, in such measures and such manners as to bring hope and not fear, peace and not hate, that which is constructive, not destructive, into the minds and hearts of others.

1602-5; November 28, 1939

Indonesia's Woes and Earth Changes

And what relationship is there between Indonesia's woes and the beginning of worldwide Earth changes, which also are scheduled to occur here at the end of the Age? Consider first Cayce reading 294-185 (6/30/36).

These changes in the Earth will come to pass, for the times and times and half times are at an end and there begin these periods of the readjustments. For how hath He given? "The righteous shall inherit the earth." Hast thou, my brethren, a heritage in the Earth?

Now realize that eruptions of torrid-area volcanoes, like those in Indonesia, are predicted in Cayce reading 3976-15 to be among the precursors of pole shift and of a host of associated Earth changes. Such eruptions will undoubtedly find robust expression in Indonesia, for its 13,000 islands have the world's largest number of historically active volcanoes. These volcanoes reside in Earth's Torrid Zone and four-fifths of them have erupted this century. Tambora's 1815 eruption was the largest ever recorded. It spewed at least 25 cubic miles of ash into the upper atmosphere, causing a significant, three-day-long darkness in areas up to 200 miles distant. The worldwide climatic effects resulted in snow in New England in July of 1816. When Krakatoa blew itself away in 1883 it produced a tsunami 120 feet high that took 36,000 lives in coastal areas of Java and Sumatra. Perhaps renewed Indonesian volcanism will be a precursor of the predicted Earth-changes period when man will be required to return once again

to his dependence wholly -- physically and mentally -- upon the Creative Forces .....Remember [that next time] not by water -- for it is the mother of life in the Earth -- but rather by the elements, fire.

(3653-1, 1/07/44)

This reading seems to parallel closely Phylos's assertion that "America, the glorious, together with the rest of the world, will meet worse woe than Atlantis, "though not by water but by fire." But the grim reaper of Phylos's fire is “solar heats,” not increased volcanism. This fact invites us to review briefly the influence of cosmic rays and solar flares on Earth's climate.



Effects of Cosmic Rays And Solar Flares on Earth's Climate

Cosmic "rays" are composed of highly energetic particles -- mostly protons and atomic nuclei -- that strike the Earth from space. According to one expert, "The simplest interpretation of their origin is that the highest-energy cosmic rays come from our galaxy, from sources in the large galactic halo."1 But others, studying the origin and make-up of extremely high-energy cosmic rays think that such rays are made up of a new, extra-galactic subatomic particle. G. Farrar and P. Bierman studied the five most energetic cosmic rays ever detected on Earth and found that their origins were in five compact quasars, or "quasi-stellar radio sources." These quasars are among the most powerful sources of energy in the universe. The nearest is four to five billion light years away; the furthest is 13 to 16 billion light years away.2 Perhaps these are the same quasars that emitted the cosmic rays that powered the Atlantean "super-cosmic ray".

Climatic Effects. Recent evidence indicates that cosmic rays influence Earth's climate. H. Svensmark of the Danish Meterological Institute has found that during the most recent 11-year activity cycle of the Sun, Earth's cloud cover was more closely correlated with the flux of cosmic rays coming from our galaxy than with the Sun's radiance. "Apparently, the solar magnetic field interacts with the cosmic rays. When strong, the Sun's field blocks more cosmic rays, which ionize air molecules in the lower atmosphere and in this way are thought to contribute to cloud cover and other weather-related phenomena."3

Cloud cover has been found to be 3 to 4 percent greater at sunspot minimum (cosmic ray maximum) than at sunspot maximum.4 And an indirect mechanism for cosmic ray effects on clouds has been elucidated by B. Tinsley.5 Finally, N. Calder, in his new book, The Manic Sun,6 claims that solar effects on global warming are clear. They are caused by changes in the amount of cosmic rays, and are large enough to invalidate the work of others, who attribute most of the warming to human effects, such as carbon-dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Now this work on cyclic changes in the flux of cosmic rays seems to resonate with the following passage in 1602-3 where we read:

These [gradual Earth-change activities in 1998] are at the periods when the cycle of the solar activity, or the years as related to the Sun's passage through the various spheres of activity become paramount or Catamount [?]7to the change between the Piscean and the Aquarian age. This is a gradual, not a cataclysmic activity in the experience of the Earth in this period.

The word paramount implies "one superior to all others with which we are familiar." And indeed, scientists have concluded that 1998 was the warmest year of not only the decade, but quite possibly, of the millennium. The reading implies that the effects of this paramount solar cycle are part of Earth's evolution, as our Sun and planetary system moves into new spheres of galactic influence. And we will all be affected by the new influences. Does this mean that Earth's climate will begin to change greatly, or erratically? Will climate changes cause food shortages? And will increased cosmic rays -- known to produce slight genetic alterations -- have a significant effect on subsequent generations?

Finally, we turn to Phylos's vision of "solar heats," predicted to occur about now, here at the end of the Piscean Age. Phylos describes the outbreak of a worldwide conflict that

Nature completing, will leave living but one where now are many, for in that day none will pause to bury the slain until the evil is wrought, nor then, for the dead of the plagues will be as thousands for every one by violence. And all this because the love that should grace and soften men's hearts, each for all and all for each, dried up and became a mockery in the close of the ended cycle, leaving but scattered oases, few and far between. Nature follows man. Wherefore the waters of Earth will dry out, rains be withheld, cyclones sweep, and an earthquake come such as was not since a man was on the Earth; aye, I am mindful of Poseidia. But all of this will occur through natural causes, and in consonance with the selfishness, lust, greed, anger and general depravity of the Type. As these blaze in the human breast, so shall the air, dry and vaporless under brazen skies, develop solar heats [emphasis added] more fierce than history ever knew. A parched earth, furnace-like, piling all flesh mountains high; pestilences stalking unchecked. O ye! Blind to the Handwriting on the wall, which flickers still, though writ for a spent cycle. Turn now and read, while yet the last midnight stroke reverberates.

But Phylos's vision may be mitigated! Consider Cayce's response to a person's question about whether Phylos's vision of the end of the Age was "based on truth, especially in its forecast for the United States."

As viewed by an entity separated from the whole, yes. As truth that may be implied by one who looks only to the Lamb, to the Son as a leader, no. Choose thou.


The Fire Next Time. It is difficult to assign a date in the future to this intimated burning of the Earth. Mentioned only a single time in the readings, the statement in 3653-1 about the next destruction of the Earth by fire seems not to fit with the many other Earth-change readings that suggest instead many catastrophic seismotectonic events directly ahead. But some say that this reading does fit with the Sun's "paramount" activity mentioned in reading 1602-3 above. That activity is to occur during the peak of the solar-cycle maximum between 1998 and 2003.

Note that on September 24, 1998, a geomagnetic storm occurred that measured 8.6 on a scale of 0 to 9. A storm of this intensity is seen only a few times per decade. The storm originated from an intense solar flare, one so strong that it blew some of Earth's atmosphere into space. "This storm may be the harbinger of the next solar maximum due to peak in the year 2000," said Rice University Professor, J. Freeman. And C. Seife asks,8

Could the Sun send out a monstrous flare powerful enough to melt the ice on Jupiter's moons, destroy much of the Earth's ozone layer and obliterate all our satellites? It's possible, say astronomers who have studied other Sun-like stars in our Galaxy, which seem to produce enormous "superflares" about once a century. They are baffled by the fact that there are no historical records of similar explosions.

Roughly once or twice a decade, the eruption of [the Sun's] stellar material is powerful enough to send huge electric currents racing around the Earth's upper atmosphere, disrupting power grids and communications satellites. In 1989, one such explosion knocked out a power grid in Quebec.....A superflare on the Sun would be about 10,000 times as powerful as the explosion that caused the Canadian blackout...Although life on Earth would survive, the atmosphere would glow very brightly and half the ozone layer would be destroyed.

As to why a superflare has not occurred on the Sun in recorded history is unclear. "I think a consensus is emerging that our Sun is extraordinarily stable, suggests G. Gisler, an astronomer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. We seem to have found a star that is extremely stable and friendly to life -- or we are just on a star that happens to be stable right now and will not always be so."

A Prehistoric Solar Conflagration? P. LaViolette is the author of Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C. (Starlane Publications, Schenectady, NY 12309). His book alleges that around 12,600 B.P. (years Before the Present), the Earth experienced catastrophic alterations due to a "solar conflagration event." He relates the strong global warming that began around 14,650 B.P., and the evidence of wild swings in Earth's geomagnetic field, to the arrival of a galactic superwave that caused huge flares to erupt from the Sun. These flares may have occurred off and on until about 12,700 B.P., after which the sun quieted down until now.

The basis of LaViolett's hypothesis lies mainly in his working backward from research by N. Märner on magnetic signatures in dated layers of a sediment core from Gothenberg, Sweden. In 1977, Märner published a now famous paper in Quaternary Research entitled "The Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion." Märner's core data record a 180Ë? flip in Earth's geomagnetic pole around 12,700 B. P. Such a flip could be the product of extremely strong solar-flare activity. And this suggested to LaViolette that solar flares were responsible for burning the Earth and melting the ice sheets. But melting of the continental glaciers actually began in the central U.S. around 18,500 years ago, some 6,000 years earlier.

LaViolette says that the history of the global conflagration has been passed down in the survival myths of many peoples. He also provides evidence that the intensity and direction of Earth's magnetic field "fluctuated irregularly from about 15,800 to 14,200 years ago. A particularly major geomagnetic excursion occurred around 14,200 B. P., when the Earth's north magnetic pole abruptly flipped southward to point to an equatorial mid-Pacific location for around 10 to 50 years."

But this excursion took place right in the middle of the period between 19,400 and 11,900 B.P. when the Cayce readings suggest that the Earth was undergoing a pole shift, or a "shifting of the activities of the Earth itself.” (644-1) This shift, whatever its nature, was caused by the enormous man-induced eruption brought forth from the bowels of the Earth itself(364-11). This man-induced eruption caused a portion of Atlantis near the Sargasso Sea to go "into the depths." One might expect all sorts of unusual geophysical phenomena to be taking place for thousands of years during such a shift, including excursions of the geomagnetic field.

As for what the Sun was doing 12,000 years ago, recall that reading 5757-1 clearly states that humankind itself affects the Sun by the nature of people's thoughts and actions. This must have been the case in the latter days of Atlantis as well, some 15,000 to 11,900 years ago. Defiance of God led to societal turmoils, misuse of the powerful crystals, and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Nothing even remotely resembling a super galactic wave was ever mentioned in the readings. Nor is there anything about a solar conflagration event, although who is to say that one did not occur?

Consider the climatic jolt just recently documented from studies of ice cores. It occurred 14,700 years ago. "Temperatures in Greenland jumped 5Ë?C in less than 10 years--twice the warming that greenhouse gases are predicted to cause in the coming 100 years."9 Was this due to a sudden, massive shift in ocean circulation, or to a jerk in an otherwise smoothly proceeding pole shift, or to a solar conflagration event? Research continues. Time will tell.

Now according to reading 884-1, the climate on Atlantis changed significantly during the 19,400 to 11,940 B.P. period of progressive destruction.

Before that we find the entity was in that land now known or spoken of as the Atlantean, during those days when there were the attempts of those to bring quiet, to bring order out of chaos by the destructive forces that had made for the eruptions in the land that had divided the lands and had changed not only the temperate but to a more torrid region by the shifting of the activities of the Earth itself.

I suggest that this climatic change was due to a gradual pole shift of perhaps 10Ë?, as the North Pole moved from a position in northern Greenland to its present position, tracking -- roughly -- along the 37Ë?W meridian. I thought that such a pole shift could be the meaning of "the shifting of the activities of the Earth itself." But perhaps something else was meant. The point here is that reading 884-1 does not suggest that solar flares were the cause of the changed Atlantean climate. But the readings suggest that a pole shift commenced in 19,400 B. P. and progressed over a few thousands of years. And such a shift would provide the answer to a long-standing question in the geosciences. How do we explain the rapid onset of melting of the ice sheets in Europe, Asia, and North America that began around 19,000 B.P.?

The Cayce readings can be interpreted to suggest that the ice sheets were moved into progressively warmer climatic zones by a gradual pole shift that began with the accidental destruction of much of Atlantis in 19,400 B. P. As the poles continued to shift over the next 7,500 years (until 11,900), many of the geophysical catastrophes catalogued by LaViolette could have occurred. This does not mean that superflares were not produced on our Sun in those days. Indeed we might expect same, in view of the readings' suggestion that rebellious humans can produce disturbances on the Sun proportional to the degree of their denial of the God force in man and Nature.

Consider, then this final reading (820-1) on the reason behind and nature of the enormous eruptions on Atlantis, beginning around 19,400 years ago and extending until 11,900 B.P. See if it doesn't give us a hint, also, as to the possible origin of those "outside forces" that impacted Earth in 1936.

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land, during those periods when there began to be the rebellious forces that disputed those acts and laws pertaining to the communications with what is termed in the present as the unseen forces - or to those hierarchies that are given rule over activities in the various forms in the Earth. [Emphasis added].

The entity then, in the name of Al-Aar, was the ruler of those forces of the Law of One; and those activities that were raised against the entity's activities by the Belzebubs (?) ....Once lost in this direction,....the entity saw in those mighty upheavals from the destructive forces used for the people from the prisms' activities and from the fires that were started for the fires of the deeper inferno that brought to the surface those destructive forces as from nature's storehouse itself.

Do we have here the answer to the meaning of "outside forces to the Earth in '36?" Were they of the unseen forces from those hierarchies of Intelligences that have been given "rule over activities in the various forms in the Earth?" In a reference to karmic penalty, Phylos says that "Man is his own judge and executioner." This seems to be but a paraphrase of Cayce reading 5148, near the beginning of this article.

Recall that faith (pistis) in the New Testament means more than belief. It means understanding on a level other a literal one. The mistake of being unfaithful, as in reading 5148, is that lack of faith leads to an inner condition that requires us to repeatedly encounter "adverse" experiences until we can understand life in a new way.

Hence the necessity.... that the faith [higher understanding] a divinity that is WITHIN be held -- that shapes the destinies of individual experiences in such a way that the opportunities that come....are those things which if taken correctly make for the greater soul development.

1300-1, 11/20/36

Most scientists do not believe in any life after death -- or reincarnation for that matter. They are an example of faithless people today. That is their Saadducee-like leaven of falsity which Christ said to beware of in Matthew 16. Indeed, most scientists cannot countenance "soul development."

All this leads us to a Cayce Earth-change reading (1152-11, 08/13/41) given for a New York City woman wondering where to live and what to do. She was a person full of faith.

As indicated, these choices should be made rather in self. Virginia Beach or the area is much safer as a definite place. But the work of the entity should embrace most all of the areas from the east to the west coast, in its persuading -- not as a preacher, nor as one bringing a message of doom, but as a loving warning to all groups, clubs .....those of every form of club, that there needs be -- in their activities -- definite work towards the knowledge of the power of the Son of God's activity in the affairs of men.

And what is the extent of that power? In 1931, a male musical conductor asked Cayce for information "in order to be sincerely convinced that we are contacting the highest forces" (2897-4, 08/14/31). When the man asked if the entranced Cayce could contact a specific disincarnate individual, as a means of proving Cayce's high powers, the reply was startling:

Not under these conditions; for I, Michael, speak as the Lord of the Way. Bow thine heads, O ye peoples, that would seek to know the mysteries of that life as makes for those FALTERING steps in men's lives when not applied in the manner as has been laid down. O ye stiff-necked and adulterous generation! Who WILL approach the Throne that ye may know that there is NONE that surpasses the Son of Man in His approach to HUMAN experience in the material world!

Here we have described for us the scope of the power of the activity of the Son of God (or "Son of Man" as Jesus spoke of himself) in the affairs of our lives today.

Discerning The Signs Of Coming Earth Changes

The above reading continues, with archangel Michael again being questioned directly.

Q. What is my father's name?

A. No.

Q. Can't you answer that question?

A. To be sure, it may be answered. It will not here.

Q. Why will you not answer these questions, when I want to make sure in order to help?

A. He that seeketh a sign when he standeth in the presence of the Highest authority in the Way may NOT be given a sign, unless he has done in the body that which entitles him to same.

This exchange between the creature and the archangel has a significant bearing on our recognition and interpretation of both psychic and scientific signs of coming Earth changes. Who amongst us can know a true sign when he or she encounters one? And once recognized, who can properly interpret the import of a sign for humankind? Only those who have "done in the body what entitles him [or her] to same."

The following reading (1602-5, 11/28/39) was given for a 41-year-old housewife who listed her religious preference as "Truth." It answers further our questions, asserting in one place that

"....the interpretation of signs and the omens becomes an individual experience, each soul -- as this entity -- then is given the privilege, the opportunity to live such an activity in its relationships to its fellow man; filling, fulfilling, and interpreting that which has been indicated, in such measures and such manners as to bring hope and not fear, peace and not hate, that which is constructive not destructive, into the lives and minds and hearts of others."

The request that the woman posed to Cayce was, "It has been indicated that the period immediately ahead is one of change in many fields -- politically, economically, and geologically. Will you clarify these predictions for me, and give directions for me at this time....?"

As in relationships to changes, - these are indicated not only through prophecies but through astrological aspects, as well as through the thought and intent of persons and groups in high places; bringing about these things, these conditions, in what might be said to be the fullness of time.

However, since the advent of the Son of Man in the earth, giving man an advocate with the Father, there has been an influence that may counteract much of that which has been indicated that would come as retribution, or in filling the law of an evolution of ideas and the relationship of material things to the thoughts and intents of individuals and groups.....There enters much, then, that might become questions as respecting....the activities of groups and individuals who have acted and who are to act as a counterbalance to these happenings in the Earth.

There are indeed questions that we might have of those "groups and individuals who have acted and who are to act as a counterbalance" to the happenings in the Earth since 1939, the date of this reading. Among them are: "Why did you allow the following to happen: WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Gulf War of 1990, America's brutal treatment of Panamanian civilians in the 1989 'Noriega War,' the Bosnian War, the holocausts in Germany, Cambodia, and Africa, and America's torching of its own citizens at Waco? Did humanity suffer these horrors because we are a selfish, stiff-necked, and adulterous generation, unable to change for the better without going through the fire?"

If so, then perhaps we will need Earth changes to purge us of our seeking after the false gods of materialism, pleasure, and power. For we do understand that "matter, mind, body, learns only through experience" (5148-2, 5/29/44). And many of us may need the experiences of Earth changes for our souls' growth, to show us the folly of preoccupation with the sensual side of life.

The Cause of Sunspots

There is an interesting Cayce reading (5757-1) on the cause of sun spots, and their effects on the Earth and humanity. Among the lines worth citing are these:

... the sun , the moon, the planets have their marching orders from the divine, and they move in same. Man alone is given that birthright of free will. He alone may defy his God! How many of you have questioned that in thine own heart, and know that thy disobedience in the earth reflects unto the heavenly hosts and thus influences that activity of God's command! For YOU -- as souls and sons and daughters of God -- DEFY the living God! As the sun is made to shed light and heat upon God's children in the earth, it is then of that composition of which man is made, or that termed the earth; yet, as ye have seen and know, there is solid matter, there is liquid, there is vapor. All are one in their various stages of consciousness or of activity for what? Man -- GODLY MAN! Yet when these become as in defiance to that light which was commanded to march, to show forth the Lord's glory, His beauty, His mercy, His hope -- yea, His patience -- do ye wonder then that there become reflected upon even the face of the sun those turmoils and strifes that have been and that are the sin of man? Whence comest this? All that was made to show to the sons, the souls, that God IS mindful of His children. How do they [sunspots] affect man? How does a cross word affect thee? How does anger, jealousy, hate, animosity, affect thee AS a son of God? If thou art the father of same, oft ye cherish same. If thou art the recipient of same from others, thy brethren, how does it affect thee? Much as that confusion which is caused upon the earth by that which appears as a sunspot. The disruptions of communications of all natures between men is what? Remember the story, the allegory if ye choose to call it such, of the tower of Babel.

Evidence For Mankind's Effect on the Sun?

The sunspot cycle as we know it today appeared after 1715 and has continued ever since. Just prior to 1715, there was a dramatic cessation of the sunspot cycle for the 70-year period from 1645 to 1715. "Yet," according to E. Parker (Scientific American, 9/1975), "the prejudice [is] that the 11-year sunspot cycle with its thousands of spots in each cycle is the norm. During the 70 years of sunspot inactivity, observers had to wait years to see a single sunspot, whereas now there are usually a few spots showing even during the minimum of the sunspot cycle." Also according to Parker ("The Physics of the Sun," Physics Today, June 2000, p. 31), "The C-14 record shows that over the last 70 centuries, the Sun has been without normal activity for 10 centuries and hyperactive for 8 centuries. The other 52 centuries were variable but more or less 'normal.' The most recent quiescent period was from 1645 to 1715, ....subsequently called the Maunder Minimum after its discoverer. The 12th century Medieval Maximum is the most recent epoch of hyperactivity, and one can only guess how the Sun behaved at that time. Such periods of abnormal activity are without explanation, as are the variations within the so-called normal centuries." And what happened immediately before 1645? There were two, 15-year cycles of sunspots, which coincided with the end of the Thirty Year's War. This war has been termed the most horrible episode in Western history prior to the 20th Century. "But although it did not officially terminate until the Peace of Westphalia, in 1648, peace overtures had actually begun some few years earlier, and the worst of the carnage came to an end with the conclusion of the Swedish-Danish War in 1645 -- the same year, it will be noted, that marked the beginning of the 70-year hiatus in sunspot activity" (H. Church, 1976, A.R.E. Journal, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451). What notable evidence do we have of "man's inhumanity to man" during the 70-year sunspot hiatus? In Europe, the Battle of Blenheim (1704), and the Cossack Rebellion (1648). But there were no wars of mass destruction until the beginning of the Napoleonic Era. Oddly, in an address to the American Geophysical Union on sunspots, J. Eddy, mentioned that the 70-year lull coincided almost exactly with the reign of King Louis XIV of France, from 1643 to 1715. This king gave France the Louvre and the Royal Library, the Paris Observatory and the Academy of Science. At Versailles, he constructed a palace that became the greatest showplace on Earth. Louis XIV, posthumously named "The Sun King," reigned in a Europe that was the center of civilization. He led the Christian world out of the exhaustion of the Thirty Year's War and into an era of scientific and cultural progress, and expanding prosperity. Known as the "politest of kings," he displayed great patience with others. Is there a true connection here, between the relatively peaceful reign of Louis XIV and an almost sunspot-free solar surface? One could argue either way. Although no large wars of mass destruction occurred, France did fight four wars during Louis's reign, and dominated Europe's seas for thirty years. Because Louis XIV was but four years old when he became king, all power was initially placed in the hands of the able minister, Cardinal Mazarin, an Italian, until his death in 1661. Mazarin seems to have been a remarkable man of peace, handling as he did international squabbles and domestic problems with skill and patience. Thus, the Mazarin/Louis XIV reign may have calmed both the lead nation on Earth, and the Sun as well, during the sunspot hiatus. Or is this but a spurious speculation of convenience? If we view European "masterpiece" paintings made during the time of the Maunder Minimum, we encounter the calming scenes of Dutch, French, and Italian landscape painters like Lorrain, Aelbert, Dughet, Hooch, Huysum, Neer, Ruisdael, and Ruysdael. Jan Van Goyen's, An Estuary With Fishing Boats and Two Frigates, was done (c.1650-56) with "colors strangely muted and extremely narrow in range;....the sails are shades of brown and the sea is calm, reflecting and complying with the subtle gray harmonies of the large sky...."

An Estuary With Fishing Boats and Two Frigates - Jan van Goyen

Goyen's paintings were so muted in tone that later admirers suggested that his work had actually been "faded by the Sun" (Sister Wendy's 1000 Masterpieces, 1999, DK Publishing, p. 188). Note that the Sun was actually fainter during the Maunder Minimum by 0.4 ± 0.2 percent. Just what feelings were the greatest landscape painters of that period registering in their works? The feeling of the relative calm of society at the time, or the feeling of nature during the uniform calm of the sunspot hiatus? Or both?

Can Phylos's Vision For America Be Mitigated?

Finally, we reflect once again on Phylos's vision of "solar heats," predicted to occur about now, here at the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Will Phylos's vision be mitigated? Recall the response to the person's question about whether Phylos's vision of the end of the Age was "based on truth, especially in its forecast for the United States."

As viewed by an entity separated from the whole, yes. As truth that may be implied by one who looks only to the Lamb, to the Son as a leader, no. Choose thou.


Something that we can do as Americans to help with such mitigation would be to communicate the following suggestions to our congressional representatives, as based upon the information provided by Abigail Abrash in the New York Times article cited earlier:

  1. Cancel some or all of Indonesia's public debt. (The nation does not yet qualify under I.M.F. and World Bank rules for significant debt relief).
  2. Support Indonesian investigators in their efforts to go after Suharto family assets illicitly gained.
  3. Continue the suspension of U.S. assistance and aid to Indonesia's military.
  4. Demand that the government look more critically at American corporate activity in Indonesia.

Here is the website that tells one how to communicate with his or her congressional representatives:

The best way seems to be to write a standard letter. According to recent reports, e-mail communications are routinely ignored by congresspersons.

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