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Reincarnation Theory Brings
Understanding Of Its Origins Twin towers of the World Trade Center burning

Do you remember this day in September 2001? What is the true and complete explanation of it? And why did it happen, as every violence-related event always just "happens?"

Four months before the 9-11-2001, THC posted an article entitled, "The Approaching Religious War and Its Potentially Sudden Termination." The idea for the religious war was taken from an Edgar Cayce reading that was given in 1941, for a two-year-old boy. His parents had asked sleeping Cayce for information that would be useful in raising their son.

As the reading progressed, the parents obtained information on the youngster's past incarnations of relevance. They were told that,

Before this [present incarnation] the entity's activities were begun in a foreign land, and the entity was trained as a lawyer - or a justice of the law; yet with the experiences brought about during the American Revolution and the activities there, the entity came with Cosciusko into this land.

The entity became closely associated with the leaders in the activities about Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan AND Virginia.

Hence, as has been indicated, during the latter portion of the entity's sojourn the acquaintanceships were with those of the Lee home, those of Mount Vernon; for there the entity spent some time during the latter period of his sojourn in the earth, with the first President as well as the associates of those activities through that experience.

Thus Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jay, and all of those were associates or friends and acquaintances of the entity.

The name then was Leonard Zolocoffa. In the experience the entity gained, though - as indicated - was hindered from carrying out its activities as a diplomatic agent. Yet the assistance given to the early activities of the various lands with the new land may be said to have come much because of the entity's counsel and suggestions during that experience.

Hence in the present, train the entity in law - diplomatic law; that will have to deal with many countries, many problems, - not only political but social and religious. For, eventually the entity will see a religious war. [Emphasis added].

2542-1, July 24, 1941

We continued THC's May, 2001 article by writing the following.

"Because Mr. 2542 will be 63 years old in November, 2001, it seems just possible that the religious war mentioned could occur any day now. We begin, therefore, by trying to identify the probable protagonists in such a war."

It's clear that we were correct to assume that the religious war "could occur any day now."

But we had no idea then that only five years later the scope of that war would have reached the extent that we find today. Nor did we have a certain picture of just who the principal protagonists would be. We did advance several scenarios, however, that we thought would be incubators of a religious war. These built upon recent religious-based conflicts that had taken place in the Balkans and during the Israeli-Palestinian fighting.

The rest of this article presents a different approach to understanding the origin of the present religious conflict. It is an approach that is based on reincarnation theory, as one might call it; that is, that the principal individuals involved in the present conflict were involved in prior ones, that also could be termed religious wars. And remember, there is nothing greater that a puny human being can do than increase his understanding of his predicament on Earth.

Reassessing the Cause of The Muslim-Christian Religious War

The Crusaders Besiege Jerusalem The Crusaders Besiege Jerusalem

A perceptive article, and one full of understanding, appeared in Venture Inward for January/February of 2006. It was authored by Reverend Christopher Fazel, co-pastor with his wife of the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Anoka,

Rev. Fazel begins by referring to Cayce reading 2550-1, given on April 28, 1941. This was a "life reading" for a 38-year-old woman who was told that an important astrological event affecting world affairs was going to happen in two-weeks, an event that would "affect every person living on the planet." The reading went on to indicate that such a development had not happened on Earth for over 800 years and that it would be a time of spiritual darkness in terms of human relationships.

Because Ms. 2550 was puzzled by these "out of place" comments in her life reading, a second reading was scheduled for the evening of the same day to inquire further into the provocative statements. This second reading was given the number 3976-26.

Recall now that World War II began toward the end of 1941. Fazel writes,

If one counts backward some 800 years from 1941, he gets the year 1141. The religious conflict at that time was a series of wars between Christian European and Islamic nations. These religious wars were known in the western world as the Crusades.


The second reading (3976-26) states the following.

Yes, we have the information that has been indicated through these channels regarding astrological influences and their effect upon the future thought of each soul now manifesting in the earth.

As is understood by many, in the earth manifestation and the cycle of time much repeats itself; and those in authority, in high and low places, have the opportunity for individual expression - that wields an influence upon those who are directed in body, mind or thought or spirit by the activities of those manifesting in the earth.

As to those experiences paralleling the cycle of astrological activity now, - beginning on the morrow, - there will be the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and Venus all in the one sign.

When last this occurred, as indicated, the earth throughout was in turmoil, in strife.

There are still influences indicated in the lives of groups banded as nations, banded as peoples, still influenced by those happenings.

What then, ye ask, is the influence that makes for this great change that may be expected?

The powers of light and darkness, as then, as sixteen hundred (1600) years before. As in those periods, so today, - we find nation against nation; the powers of death, destruction, the wrecking of that which has been and is held near and dear to the hearts of those who have through one form or another set ideals.

Just as was said in the third paragraph above, and looking at the astrological/astronomical relationships of the planets we indeed find that on April 28 and 29, 1941 there was a very tight clustering of planets in Taurus (astrologically speaking). On the 29th of April 1941 we find the planets in the following configuration.


Planet Sign Degree
Mercury Taurus 0° 30'
Sun Taurus 8° 29'
Venus Taurus 11° 05'
Saturn Taurus 16° 14'
Jupiter Taurus 23° 35'
Uranus Taurus 25° 07'
Moon Gemini 7° 20'
Note: The Moon was in Taurus (astrologically speaking) and conjuncted all of the other planets listed during the previous three days, but Mercury was not in Taurus until the day after the reading.


So there we have it. Historical events are cyclical and the readings seem to indicate that the planets mirror the pattern. They don't repeat exactly, but they surely do rhyme. And patterns of relationships, attitudes, and actions play out for a time, then lie dormant, and then rise again, depending upon cycles defined by astrological events and the souls destined to take part in their playing out on Earth.

Rev. Fazel then continues his interpretation of the reading fragment above.

The questions naturally arise, "Who are the leaders? And who are the followers?" Perhaps a more important question is one that each of us must ask ourselves {he means 'himself''}, " Am I a leader or a follower?"

...continuing further on Note that the ancient town of Babylon show in yellow is located on the Euphrates River about 55 miles south of today's Baghdad.

In the next section {of the reading fragment above}, Cayce's {source} refers to another period of history 1,600 years earlier than the one we have been considering. He seems to indicate that this is yet another time that resonates with and affects our current world situation. If we count back from 1141 another 1,600 years, we get the date of 541 BC. This, of course, is the era of the rise of the Babylonian Empire. This ancient superpower was located exactly where Iraq is today. In 586 BC the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and deported the southern tribes of Judah to Babylon, initiating the period of Jewish history called the Exile. The reading describes these periods of history as under the influence of "the powers of death, destruction, the wrecking of that which has been and is held near and dear to the hearts of those who have through one form or another set ideals."

The reading seems to suggest that a similar time is on the horizon, and the groups who were involved in those historical periods will be the same groups this time around. The map below indicates today's distribution of Christians (reddish tones) and Muslims (greenish tones; brownish areas are mixtures of both).

This background certainly helps us to understand the events of religious war found in the conflicts of the present day. In a broader, perhaps deeper metaphysical context, wars like the ones today are being fought by people in "deep sleep." That is, they have a low level of consciousness. If we were all more conscious, then wars would cease. But this is impossible. Everyone cannot become more conscious at the same time. Indeed, it is quite difficult for even one person to become more conscious.

There are types of men — dictators — whose well-being depends upon the ill-being of others. Such dictators are grounded in war. And this shows how Man's low level of being attracts war and that the disease of war is in Man, due to his own state. Since Man's level of being is the same as it was in 800 years ago and 1600 years ago, for example, everything will go on in the only possible way in which it can go at that level. Sleeping people are under planetary and stellar influences. Sufficiently conscious people are not.

Our goal today is to try to rise above this teaching. Our mission is to observe what has gone before, what is going on now, and by acts of self-observation and will, to try to rise above the dictates of this old-Age teaching. All the information that we need for such an inner effort can be found in the sources of truth and goodness that are seeking to manifest through us and our teachers here on Earth.

To paraphrase the Cayce readings, the new age of purity, the Aquarian Age, is extending its arms to lift us up. Soon wars over religions and natural resources will be swept away by pole shift and Earth changes. An Earthly population much diminished in size will be walking and talking with the Christ force that will appear amongst all five races simultaneously and equally.

Are we suitably qualified to become residents of the new Age?